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It is now the middle of the school year! Time, going by quick!

The school year, almost ending. Which is crazy.

But, even if it has now been that long, my relationship with my father hasn't been going too well, still.

       Our relationship has been getting worse.

We barely even have any genuine conversations, with each other!

We don't spend as much time together, anymore. And he's been getting even more aggressive, rude, day by day.

And as for school, it's been going quite well. Bullying is still going on.

    But, my friendship with Finney and Robin is still strong!

       Including with Finney's sister, Gwen! Finn introduced me to her.

    And, she's pretty cool! We get along well.

       Till this day, I still help Robin with his math work.

    He always comes over to my place, every week!

Sometimes, when I can, the both of us go to the Drive-Ins!!

    Watching movies, together.

So, life has been going alright. There's still times when things don't go as well!

But, there is also the great moments, that help keep me going.

I was in the kitchen table, eating a bowl of cereal.

After finishing, I wash the plate, cleaning everything up.

Pushing in my chair, getting ready to go to bed, so I can go to sleep.

       Entering the living room, I see dad sitting on the couch, watching some TV.

    Taking a deep breath, I speak

       "Dad, I'm gonna go get ready for bed, now...." Dad turns to look at me, getting up.


       "You already know, what's about to come...." Gasping, I begin to shake my head, rapidly.

Tensing up, I start to feel my body shake, in Fear.

       Closing my eyes, opening them, I look at dad with intense eye-contact.

      "No. No more! Don't you see what you're doing to your own daughter, dad?!" He just blankly stares at me.

Not saying a single word, getting me even more scared.

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