Rough Beginnings

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On Tuesday mornings I have two hours before I have to attend any classes, so in a typical fashion I go to maccas and get a coffee before heading to the art rooms to spend time with my best friend Mel.

Mel is tall and pale. She has bright red and closely cut hair that frames her face and cute glasses that sometimes fall down her noes. In startling contrast I, Jess, am short and tanned. I have blonde hair that falls to my chin in ringlets, which hasn't been dyed in the past five or six months. We look and act nothing alike, she's outspoken and confident whereas I prefer to let others do the talking. Yet we share many common loves, such as music.

I remember the first time I was introduced to Falling In Reverse. Mel and I were sat with our friends when suddenly she turned to me and handed me a headphone. "The Drug In Me Is You" blasted and I instantly fell in love with the band that I now call my heroes. That's what inspired us to enter a contest to become one of the opening acts for Falling In Reverse and Black Veil Brides on their latest tour.

It had been one of those lazy Tuesday mornings that our dreams began to come true.

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