Questions for the characters from fans:

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Hey So I got some questions from you guys directed towards my character in the story! I will still be accepting Q's still even after this one...I think it will be fun, and just so you questions are taboo ;)

Q 1: Will Cole and Elena get married...(I think Cole should answer this.)

Cole: (Whispers) Yes, i do plan on asking Elena to marry me. I love her and I know she's the one for me. (cue, 'awwww's')

Q 2: Lucy how many grandchildren do you want?

Lucy: I want as many as little Elena here can pop out!

(Elena's eyes get wide, and blushes)

Elena: Um, Lucy...just how many do you think that is?

Lucy: Well, let's see...I think you could handle about you?

(Elena stays silent in shock).....

Lucy: Elena? You okay you seem a little green.

(Cole shakes his head in embarrassment)

Q 3: Thomas, what has made you so psychotic?

(Thomas spins knife on table threateningly)

Thomas: It's who I am...if you don;t like it, well....(smirks) I'm always looking for a new toy(winks). Seriously though, the author is just effed up. I really like COD and transformers.

(Everyone looks at him in disbelief)

Thomas:(laughs evilly) Nah...I really just want your heart on a platter...literally....what are you doing later maybe we can hang out?

(Everyone scoots away noticably)

Q 4: Elena...if you could do anything over would you and if so what would it be?

Elena: I would put Thomas 6 feet under, sooner...then I would stamp him down an extra 2 feet, just to be sure.

(Everyone laughs while Thomas pouts) :(


Elena: Oh shut up! Nobody likes you and your just going to go to jail and become someones bitch! Like to a guy named Harry D. So good luck being passed around like a pack of smokes!

Okay so that was fun for me but I need more Q's!!!! I want to do this whole thing with you guys! So please send me questions it doesn;t matter if its gross, personal, wierd, or WTF. I just want you guys to get to know the character more from my prospective ;)

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