⏤͟͟͞͞☆THE 3 A-HOLES. ⏤͟͟͞͞☆

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       Class was now over, all of us, heading to lunch. So far, the day is going very smooth! So much fun.

       Went to music class, art, P.E, science, everything!!

Robin and I were walking together, laughing hysterically. Well, mostly Robin.

       He was laughing because in P.E, we were all playing tag, and....Robin caused a girl to fall, and break her ankles.

       "That was so funny!! Oh my gosh! DID YOU SEE HER FACE?! Hilarious!" He laughs.

        "Robin! You literally broke a girls ankle, in tag!! That's not funny," Robin sighs, nodding.

       "You're right. I'll apologize to her, after school...."

       "I KNOW FOR A FACT, YOU WON'T" I yell, playfully pushing him.

    He laughs,

      "HEY!" Robin smirks, playfully hitting me.

    We both laughed, continuing to walk.

     While on our way, we both spot three boys picking on a boy. He had long, curly, brown hair.

       "Wait here." Robin say's, running towards the scene, pushing the ginger.

How is Robin not scared at all, to confront them?

       Acting quick, I run up to the beaten up boy, dragging him away from the scene.

       He gets up, dusting himself up.

    He sighs, looking away, not making eye-contact with me.

       "HEY! What's going on here?!" I hear, from a distance.

    Looking, I see a hall monitor walking towards our direction.

    Uh oh,

       "All of you! To my office, now!!" She say's, walking off.

    The 3 A-holes sigh, following behind her.

       Robin cracks his knuckles, quickly walking up to us, frowning.

       "Guess I'm already in trouble, on the first day. Well, sorry Y/N. I guess I won't be able to go to lunch, with you. I'll see you later, maybe!" Nodding, I reply

       "It's alright. See ya, Robin." Smiling, he runs off.

       It was now just the boy and I, and the crowd of kid's staring at us.

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