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Leo woke to someone splashing a bucket of cold water on him.


" Get up soldier we have much work that has to be done!" Shouted Virgo and Leo groaned pulling off his soaking wet blankets.

" Your lucky your my future husband," Leo muttered when Virgo started to leave the tent.

Reluctantly Leo got up and raced over to where he heard the most commotion. Apparently Aquarius and Aries were arguing about something.

" Woah woah woah, why didn't you guys call the amazing Leo if you had a problem?" Asked Leo with a raised brow, everyone sighed.

" Aries is literally such a slob, he's littering all over the place!" Exclaimed Aquarius.

" Oh please what does it matter if we're gonna destroy this place anyways? It's crawling with monsters dumbass," argued Aries.

" Gosh where's Scorpio when you need her," muttered Leo.

" Right here fire boy," came a girls voice and Scorpio's stern yet beautiful face came out of the woods looking beat up with a cut on her face, in the sun she looked like a queen that would beat your ass if you stepped out of line.

And then what shocked Leo was the fact that Taurus came out of the bushes as well, everyone raced toward her and gave her a group hug. The other zodiacs who had left came out of the bushes as well.

" Hey guys," said Pisces, everyone stepped back and glared at him.

" Uh, we come in peace... and uh we brought Taurus along with some Oreos," said Pisces.

" Oooo Oreos!" Exclaimed Leo snatching the pack away from Pisces and then he returned to glaring at Pisces.

" Where were you!? And how-

" Relax Cancer we just went to look for clues on Taurus's death but instead found a portal, the second we got sucked in we ran right into Taurus," explained Libra who seemed to be a little shocked as well.

" And then I found them," said an irritated Scorpio.

" So uh how's it going?" Asked Pisces and no one responded.

" So you idiots took a ship and went to unknown land with no plan and a pack of Oreos?" Asked Virgo.

" Well yeah I guess," said Pisces.

Aries shook his head, " And here I thought I was the idiot."

" You are."

" Give me some Oreos Leo," said Aries holding out his hand.

Leo slapped Aries hand away, " No my food!"

" Ow!"

" Guys come on! We don't have all day, Jameson has to get going, Pisces you mind going with him to check on the queens palace?" Asked Virgo holding his clipboard in his hands.

" Uh I guess," said Pisces who didn't seem to like that idea much.

" Alright! Today we'll split into groups of three's, I've already made lists of what galaxies were traveling to, war however might be starting soon so we have to hurry if we wanna beat the queen," said Virgo making Leo smile, damn hot leader.

" You did all this?" Asked Scorpio staring at the plan Virgo had made all last night.

" Well yeah-

" Good work kid, alright everyone take a mini ship and get lost, I don't wanna see your faces until each of you bring back an army of more than a hundred thousand!" Shouted Scorpio.

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