Thug Life (SFW)

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Before you got married, you were a delinquent.

You were part of a gang and you were even the leader of it.

You met your husband when he was getting picked on by your gang, because he was a nerd back then, and you stopped them from doing so.

You were the leader afterall.

After that incident, he kept approaching you to say his thanks for saving his life.

He'd give you gifts, he'd always greet you whenever you pass by him, and he even talked about you to his friends, saying how cool and awesome you were.

Eventually, feelings began to develop.

You liked him for his shy and nerdy personality and he liked you because of your strong, carefree, and tsundere-like personality.

He sorta, also wanted to protect you, even though he knew you could protect yourself.

He was also the reason why you chose to leave that gang and that toxic lifestyle.

You wanted to change for him and for yourself.

You dated for a while, and it went suprisingly well, considering your contrasting personalities.

Of course there were arguments here and there, but it was mostly about you getting upset or jealous, and you'd resolve it with your fists.

One day, he knelt on one knee and opened a tiny box with the ring you've pointed at a shop one time, saying, "If you're gonna propose to me, you better do it with this ring, or else I won't accept it."

You groaned as you received another punch from the new leader of your ex-gang.

You received a text from an unknown number saying to meet them in a certain place at night, and to not tell your husband.

Curiosity came over and so you did it, knowing that you could defend yourself without any help, if ever the situation got dangerous.

Welp, you overestimated yourself.

You are now laying on the floor with a lot of cuts and bruises, a black eye, and blood coming out of your mouth.

Your former gang decided to be sh*theads and revive their grudge of you leaving from years ago, and take their revenge by hitting you like there's no tomorrow.

As the leader was about to kick your stomach, a deep, masculine voice resonated, "Hands off my wife/husband."

You looked up to see your husband's tall and muscular figure, towering over all of you.

After you got married, he told you that he wanted to look intimidating and protect you.

You told him that he didn't have to but he didn't listen anyway.

He started hitting the gym and his slim body soon turned into a muscular one.

He was still your nerd nonetheless.

"Why didn't you tell me where you were going? Good thing your location was on so I could track you easily. You made me really worried!" He said, scolding you as he was opening the front door to your house with him carrying you over his shoulder.

"The text told me not to." You pouted as you drew squiggles on his back with your finger.

"Text? What text? Ugh (your name).. you should never answer unknown messages okay? They might be scams, or worse. It's a good thing it was just your gang and not a freaking serial killer." He sighed as he sat you on the couch and looked for the first-aid kit.

"But- but it was so intriguing! I miss causing trouble. I became a goody-two-shoes when we started dating." You said, touching the wound on your forehead.

"Isn't that a good thing?" He laughed as he gently took your hand off and kissed your forehead, sitting down and opening the kit.

You just grumbled in response as you just watched him heal you.

Once he finished, he carried you over his shoulder once more and said, "Let's go to bed, my strong boss baby."

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