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As I walked towards my house, I concentrated downward, hoping to keep my balance by watching my steps. Spencer's strange behavior puzzled me, I was still trying to make sense of it all. The urgency, the kiss, not to mention the fact that I LET him kiss me. Most of all, warning me? Warning me of what exactly? Whatever it was, it sure sounded serious. Not only am I in danger, apparently my whole family is too.

"Turn on the Tv." His words stull rung in my ears. I quickened my pace until I basically ran into my front door. I struggled with my keys, jingling them around with shaking hands. I gave up and started banging on the wood of the door and ringing the bell frequently. My mom should be back by now I thought, she always gets off of work an hour before me and comes straight home. I waited a couple of seconds, nervously twirling strands of my long brown hair between my fingers, before I knocked loudly again. I was considering climbing up the storm drain into my always open bedroom window when the door flew open. My mother looked tired and angry as she glared at questioningly.

"I was taking a nice nap before all your ruckus woke me up! Why couldn't you just use your keys?" She snarled.

"They wouldn't work. Lisen, is dad home?" I rushed, trying to keep my voice from shaking. Anger left my mother's expression and she motioned towards the backdoor.

"Oh he's out back, doing God know's what with that telescope of his." She managed a short laugh. "Can't he see it's daylight out! What a strange man your father is."

He is sort of strange at times. People say it's cause he fought in the war. Not the recent one in Iraq, he fought in Vietnam. I really don't know that much about it besides that we did pretty badly, and alot of people died, Dad can't even talk about it. Teachers at school don't really dip into the subject of any of the past wars, they could get fired if they did. Which is why I don't see the point of History class, since 3/4's of history if banned from the classroom.

I left my mom without answering the question that she already knew the answer to, and went out the backdoor. My dad was sitting in a lawn chair smoking a cigarette and looking up at the sky, his telescope was positioned up towards the clouds, but wasn't being used. He turned his head and saw that I was the one who interrupted his daydream, a big smile stretched across his tired looking face.

"How was your day?" He boomed with his too loud voice. Here's the thing about my dad, he's never judged me the way the rest of the family has.  Probably because he's a science man, not the religious type.

"Oh it was alright I suppose." I took a seat next to him and reached for a cigarette slowly, making sure it was alright.

"If your mother see's you, she'll have BOTH of our heads." He stifled a raspy laugh.

I took one for myself, sticking it in my pocket for later. My dad gave me a sort of nod. "Good girl." We both cracked up after that.

"So is everything alright?" I let slip. My father looked at me confused for a bit and then shook it off.

"When you say everything, what do you mean? Am I alright? Is the family alright?" He trailed off and looked back up at the cloudy sky.

"I mean, like are we having money problems or anything?" I managed to get out nervously.

"Of course moneys alright! Me and your mother both make plenty of cash, and thats very hard to come by these days with the economy like it is." I laughed along with him, but I still couldn't shake the feeling that there was something terribly wrong. At least now I could cross problems with the bank and loan sharks off my ongoing list of threats towards my family. Whatever was up must have something to do with the government, with soliders. Spencer said that he had "recieved orders", whatever that meant.

It was in that moment that I heard it, a crash and my mother letting out a little yelp of sorrow. My dad was the first one to his feet, he had ran through the back door into the living room before I could even process what I had just heard. When I walked through he door I surveyed the scene, my mother was sitting on the ground with her face buried between her knees, sobbing loudly. The big HD television we had bought last year was completely busted and had smoke rising through the cracked screen. The culprit, which had obviously been thrown at the TV, was a thick hardcover version of the bible that my mom kept on the coffee table for show.

My father was trying to comfort her but it was useless, she was in complete hysteria. I directed my attention away from the scene and ran up the stairs into my bedroom, in which I had a television I barely ever watched. I wrestled through my beds comforter looking for the remote, until it fell onto my hardwood floor.

"News. What channel is the news?" I whispered to myself. It didn't matter though, because every channel had the same program showing that afternoon. President Smith was addressing the country, he had nothing but urgency and seriousness in his voice as he spoke. Smith, is pretty young for a president, at the age of 34 he was elected and he was now probably around 36 or so.  Despite that, the whole right side of his hair is gray, so he must be one stressful guy.

"... I hope that you realize that my decision is for your benifit, for the country's benifit. I am not persicuting anyone or their beliefs, this is just the way things should be..."

He gave one his creepy little smiles, his teeth we're just too perfect, too white.

"...and I hope everyone that this new bill applies to will be obidient and willing to help our great nation..."

People surrounding Smith on screen we're either silent or breaking into sobs. but the ones who became too emotional we're escorted off screen.

"...In the following week or so, soliders will go from home to home confiscating illegal items and making a few adjustments. Anyone who resists will be sent to rehabilitaion centers and camps unil they are deemed otherwise..."

I was still trying to make sense of what was going on when Spencers words repeated in my head, "We're supposed to carry out orders tomorrow morning, get your family and get out!".

So they we're coming tomorrow, but there was still a gap in the information I was told. How was I supposed to take action without even knowing what I was running from? My mother knows. I jumped up and out my door, I barely made it down the stairs without breaking my neck. Mom was sitting on the couch, staring out into space. Her eyes we're bloodshot and mascara was smeared all the way down her cheeks. I knelt in front of her and looked deep into her blue eyes, she didn't even notice, she just looked straight through me.

"Mom, what just got banned?" I said slowly and softly. "Mom, tell me what they said."

This coaxing and babying went on long enough before I finally snapped. I slapped her right across her cheek, just like she did the day I got kicked out. She got back to reality and began crying again, rubbing her cheek where my palm met it.

"Th-Thank y-you.." She stammered.

"What did they say?" The gentleness returned to my voice.

"Th-they banned it.. H-how could th-they?" She weeped silently.

"What got banned, Mom. What?" I shook her slightly.

Her eyes glazed over and I instanly knew that my mother had slipped away again. I pulled back my hand to slap her once again, but before I could, barely audible words escaped her lips.

"They've made relgion illegal, Callyn. They banned God."  

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