Getting to know the Dolan twins Part 2

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It's gonna be hard telling these two apart . Oh god. I really like that guy Ethan , the less douche brother , wait up he's not a douche . ok this is really confusing . I'll figure out a way . I turned around and saw Ethan , at least I think it was him , he smiled . I turned the other way and , wait I think that's Ethan , he also smiled . Ok who is Ethan , oh my gosh . They both walked towards me and I freaked out , ok who is who ,this is all gonna go wrong .they both smiled at me and said hi at the same time . I think the one on my right is Ethan , I just feel it . I turned to hug him and he pushed me off into the ground.
"What the fuck Grayson " Ethan said .
"Ok there's gotta be a way of telling you two apart " I said .
"Ok we can figure that out later but right now we have to deal with my little brother " Ethan said .
"Wait , he's the little brother " I asked .
"Yea " Ethan said . I started laughing .
"You don't just push a girl to the floor when she hugs you what the fuck is wrong with you " Ethan yelled at Grayson .
"What are you gonna do about it " Grayson said trying to act like a bad boy as usual.
"You know what Grayson fuck you , i know your my brother , but you passed the line " Ethan said while he was pushing Grayson to the lockers .
I got up off the floor and got up between them . It is kind of fun to have two boys fight over me.
"Stop your brothers you shouldn't be fighting because of a stupid girl that you just met !! " I yelled .
Ok this was gonna be harder than I thought .
Ok so Grayson has a small mole on his chin and Ethan has a birthmark on his cheek .
I can tell that the rest of the year is gonna be a disaster with these twins . I hope everything goes well .

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