Chapter Two

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It's 2:30 Am and you still can't sleep, because you keep thinking about the satanist boy threat.

Andrea blackmailed you that if you don't do as he says, he will send your internet history to your dad.

You don't even know what he wants from you, he told you he will inform you about everything soon.

But, you won't allow him to control you like this, you will find a way to fix things.

Your friend, Marwan is a hacker and knows how to deal with hackers.

The fact that your father and brother are in Italy, visiting your step-grandfather, only increased your fear.

Because you are all home alone.

What is so threatening about your internet history? Well, a lot of things you don't want your father to know about.

What if the boy is from the dark web, and wants to kidnap you?

No, you have to think logically.

Andrea lives across the world, so you are sure he won't kidnap you or anything.

Or at least that's what you hope.

Unable to sleep, you decided to head to the bathroom and wash your face.

The moment you step a foot into the bathroom, you feel cold air hit your neck but you ignore it.

You stare directly into the mirror, as you open the water.

There's a saying that you shouldn't look into the mirror after midnight or you will get possessed by your Qareen.

Nevertheless, you never believed in that.

You wash your face and dry it up, looking back at the mirror again.

Your (h/c) hair looks as long and as soft as ever.

Your father forces you to keep your hair long and straight just to look like your grandmother, it's irritating sometimes.

While you are thinking, a hand grabs your hair behind, causing you to gasp in fear.

In the mirror, nobody is standing behind you, but when you turn around you see a terrifying-looking entity standing behind you and smirking.


Your heart starts racing against your chest, feeling like you are going to have a stroke.

When the entity notices your silence, he titles his head.

"Do I scare you?" you gulp at the question, the voice is deep and rough.

"Y-yes" you stutter out.

The entity transforms himself into a very pretty man with blond locks of hair, blue eyes, and fair skin.

You feel his naked body against your clothed one.

But his appearance only caused you to feel more uncomfortable.

"What are you?" you inquire.

"Your Qareen" you take a deep shaky breath at his answer.

"What do you want from me?"

His extremely long tongue licks your cheek before he answers you.

"I want to sin with you"

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