Jane's Birthday

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A.N. Spoilers, "Green Light" last scene

I was just wondering what must have been going through Jane's mind when he opened Lisbon's gift, and this just came out :)

Oh, and sadly, I do not own the Mentalist

Her melodious laughter. "Open it!"

As soon as he opened the little box, a thousand memories hit him like a tidal wave. How he'd first laid eyes on it at the break room of the CBI, how he had begun to fall in love with the simple cup. It had been there, when he was happy, or depressed beyond words. But then, as they were getting closer to catching Red John, Abott and his careless men had stormed in, knocking on him and ending his days with his beloved cup. He still remembered how he had stood, saucer in hand, a million pieces of sea green ceramic splayed on the ground before him.


"The one and only, from the CBI"

But then, another realization poked hard at his consciousness-

"You kept the pieces..."

For how long? he wondered. He had never thought about it, but now he realizes that Lisbon had begun to care for him deeply a long, long time ago. Maybe even before he realized he was falling for her. He looked up at her smiling face.

"Yeah...looks pretty nice, huh?"


"It's perfect!..I'm speechless"

She was amazing. After receiving endless sick 'gifts' from RJ, Jane was completely taken aback by this simple gesture. And even more, her careful thinking in choosing what would make him truly happy.  She always thought about him. His safety, his sanity.

"This is such a beautiful gift. Thank you so much."

He leaned over and was met with the softest lips in the world. As he felt her smooth palm caressing his cheek, he felt in his whole body that this was it. It didn't matter that they were nothing alike. They just happened to meet each other, and they fell in love . That was more than he could ever ask for. So Erica Flynn can go to hell, because he knew, he just knew that this was just right. They were just right. Together.

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