"What the hell do you want," I cried.

"That's not how you greet your dad," he fakely hurt. His fake pout was directly replace with a sadistic smirk, "Get in, lock the apartment. Now!"

Jesse get a hold of his order and grab my hand as we walk to the center of the room. There are two other people in the room, one of them looks familiar. I think He used to stay at the house and watch me. The familiar feeling of paranoia and fear started to grow on me again, as I hold my breath. "Let go of her hand," my dad growls at our conjoining hand. I wouldn't thought that this is how Jesse is going to meet my parents. Not that I was planning to anyway. Jesse didn't want to, but I abruptly pull my hand away from his hold, I do not want to make him mad, that will cause in a lot of casualties. My dad motion the two man besides him and give them some sign of signals with his head. They nodded and each of them approach one of us.

"Don't fucking touch her!," Jesse growl, "I swear if you-"

"Shut up!," my dad scream at him before he could finish his threat. "If you don't shut your mouth I'll shoot her, now what do you prefer instead?."
Jesse shoot him a glare and let the two man do what ever their intend was. They touch my waist and begin scanning. Patting my shirt and pants, disposing out keys, wallet and phone. There goes our way of getting help.

"They are clean sir," one of them inform my dad and he motion them to step aside. They walk away, carrying out belonging with them as well.

"What do you want?," I ask looking at him straight in the eyes.

"Revenge," he look right back at me with the same horrific pair of eyes that still haunt me every night, "You ran away from me and now I want revenge. I was about to get a lot of money from selling you!" His voice rose. He stalk toward me and Jesse directly block me from him. "Don't you dare," he warn him, "We can forget this ever happen, I'll give you the money you want. Name the price you'll get it."

He laugh,"He's smart and funny Mel."
He point a gun toward Jesse and slowly notion him to move. Jesse didn't budge.

"Jesse please just do it," I beg, "Please."

He move aside, but still partially covering me. The two man suddenly appear once again and get a hold of Jesse who struggle to stay put. I know for sure he's not giving up without a fight. My dad scan my body as a smirk appear on his face. How I wish I could wipe that ugly smile of his with a baseball bat. "Now listen carefully you two."

"You," he points toward Jesse, who's handcuff to the kitchen cabinet, "I want $10 million on my account in three hours. Zeke find his laptop and give him the account number." Zeke the guy who appear to be familiar to me nod and run upstair. The person who I used to call dad point his gun at my forehead and motion me to sit down by the sofa and handcuff both my hand. "What do you want?," I gritted my teeth as he make a couple of phone calls.

He stop and give all his intention back to me, "You. Your mom is no longer useful for me. You are the only person left that reminds me of her.

"Then take me, but don't harm Jesse. Please," I beg. Jesse eyes bulge as he growl in anger. He stop what ever he was doing in the laptop and try as hard to break the steel handcuff.

"No! I'll give you the money and you'll let her go and you don't come back anymore."

"Why don't you give me my money and I try not to shoot her face," my dad offer. He place the gun on my head and that was enough to set Jesse back to his work.

We waited for what seems like forever, but apparently an hour and Jesse finally is done with the transaction. "All done, you can check."

Zeke disappear to check and appear a few minutes later to confirm it to his boss. My dad laugh as he pull me from the sofa and began dragging me to the door. "Where are you going?," Jesse panic. I can hear the worry in his voice and the flash of pain and anger on his face. I struggle, but it was no use and so did Jesse.

"Please let me say good bye," I finally said. He smirk sadistically and drag me back toward Jesse.

"Don't do this please," Jesse beg, tears began spilling out of his eyes, "I give you your money."

"Shut the fuck up and make it quick."

He let go of my shirt and push me toward Jesse. The kitchen bar separating us and I move my face closer to his as we lay forehead to head. "Amelia, " his voice soften as her say my name and I could no longer contain the pain. I cry as I kiss his lips, nose, cheeks and back to his lips. "I'm sorry." He kiss me back and close his eyes.

"Jesse open your eyes for me," I beg him and he did, "I love you."

His face harden as he look me back in the eyes, "I love you."

"Hurry up already!"

I look at my dad and tell him to give me one more minute. He was generous enough to give it to us and i know it was my only chance. I kiss Jesse on the check and whisper, "64083 Kavangh St. Raymore."

His expression blank and I kiss him one more time on the lips. This time his face focus and I disappear as my dad drag me into his SUV. That was the last time I saw Jesse Blue.


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