Chapter 1

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The princess of Arendelle had searched high and low for a teacher for Elsa. Her sister had learned to control her powers much better, but it still tended to go wacky when Elsa was stressed. Just that morning, after going through some headache-inducing trade agreements, Elsa had just gotten up to leave the room and stepped on the cat that happened to wander inside the castle.
The poor thing was frozen solid, in mid air, with a painful meow forming on its mouth.

Anna had interviewed hoards of people, with a lot of experience in this kind of magic, but none of them seemed right. Just when she was about to give up, a hooded figure came up to her.

"I heard you need a teacher for someone with powers over ice?"

It was a male voice.

"Yeah," replied Anna. The figure pushed the hood back, revealing the most amazing face she had ever seen. After Kristoff's, that is. Nonetheless, he was beautiful.

"Can I try the job? If I fail, you have every right to kick me out."

He's daring, thought Anna. "Hmm...What will you like in return?"

"Just a genuine thank you would be enough." He smiled. Oh yeah...he was the perfect teacher.

"Ok then, would you like to get started right away or..."

"Yeah, let's get started"

They headed out to the back gardens, where Elsa was pointing to, and freezing, individual blades of grass, one at a time, in a fit of fury. Anna started sweating with embarrassment. Her sister could be such a nut head sometimes.
"Okay, so here you go!", she sang out before disappearing quickly into the castle.


Elsa was furious. She had managed to control herself enough to keep her kingdom happy, but not herself.
The little things she failed at infuriated her the most. She had hoped, since she had done bigger feats using her powers, the little things would come naturally. But boy, was she wrong. That cat...oh, the poor thing! It took almost half an hour for Elsa to get over her shock and muster up some love to set it free.
She was sure she would never be able to really control herself. She was about to unleash her frustration on some unsuspecting bushes, when, suddenly, a spray of snowflakes formed a protective sphere around the bushes.

Elsa looked around. A guy in a blue hoodie was standing behind her, one hand on a staff, and the other waving a 'Hi'.

"Who are you? And how did you get here?", Elsa asked.

"Your sister hired me. you, I guess."

"Why do I need training?"

He raised an amused eyebrow and looked pointedly at the frozen grass around her feet.

"Oh. Ok... so you'll help me control it?"

"Yeah, I hope to."

"Ok...Who are you?"

"My name is Jack Frost."

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