Nice Kitty {Transformers FanFic}

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Knockout paced around in boredom around the his room on the large decepticon ship. Things seemed empty without Breakdown his friend and partner. He had tried to find another companion but he found his search fruitless, Starscream was whiney, Megatron was a bit too intimidating, Soundwave wasn't one for conversations, Dreadwing was a bit of a sociopath, the insecticons looked at him like an appetizer, and the vehicons were programed each to do a specific task and stay on schedule only making exceptions when deployed for battle and ignored him most of the time.

He pulled out an energon cube from a fridge like compartment and was just about to drink it when Soundwave walked in uninvited.

"Heard of Knocking, I could have been in the middle of buffing my aft." Knockout snapped. He cooled off when the mute pulled up a location file with a distress signal from a unknown bot.

"And why are you showing 'me' this?" Knockout then played a message from Megatron.

"My faithful medic, our ships trackers have picked up a distress signal in an earth forest located in what is known as South America. I may be incorrect but this signal seems like an Sahri Assassin. You should understand how rare an opportunity it is to have a Sahri in our grasp, so I am sending you to check it out with a group of Vehicons in case if it is one of Primes scandals. Your great and powerful leader Megatronus." The message ended and Soundwave pointed to the door for knockout to go.

"A Sahri huh?" He said before walking out of his dorm.


Renari's consciousness faded as she hit the hard crust of the earth. Her emergency protocols kicked in and automatically deployed a distress signal. Her only hope was that the rumors were true and Cybertronians had taken inhabitance here.

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