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Today was the day, Alpha Damon turned eighteen, he could find his mate. My mother begged me to attend his party but as I told her a hundred times, even if I was his mate only he would know it til I was eighteen. Being only sixteen its highly doubtful that I'm his mate. I'd be illegal anyways well until I turned seventeen anyways. I shake the thought from my head, God he was sexier then any movie star. He was perfect, like the God's had made him themselves. My body tingles. Why did i have to lust after the alpha? I pull my white lace bra and panty set over my head and pull on a long T-shirt, yes I'm one of those girls who sleep in there bras. My boobs were way to big to have them swinging from my chest like a damn ape. I growl in frustration as I comb my unruly brown curls. Every time I get one side of my head done the other is frizzy and tangled again. Its an agonizing process. After an hour of fighting with my hair I throw the brush and climb into bed. Its dark as midnight in here but I'm a werewolf so I can see must fine. My fans are on full blast, my radio quietly playing. My big red comforter is draped lazily over my bottom half. My eyes slowly close and I'm asleep I'm seconds.

A loud shuffling noise wakes me and I glance around the room. The distinct smell of wolf hits my nose and I growl. "Shhhh" says the wolf. He smells and sounds so familiar but I can't place him in my sleepy state. I begin to drift back off to sleep when my bed dips in. My eyes fly open "get out of here perv!" I yell. The wolf whimpers. "I'm going to scream" I warn like the sleepy idiot I am. "You will not" he growls and I whimper. "Alpha?" I ask and hear him grunt "yes? Delilah" He ask. I gulp "why are you in my room?" I ask slightly shaking. "Because you're leaving with me" he says and I shake my head "no I'm not" I reply. What's wrong with him? "Yes Delilah you are" he replies in his alpha tone. Nobody can refuse the alpha tone. "Okay alpha" I reply visibly shaking. He throws me over his shoulder and races towards the pack house. We go down to the basement. My claws automatically begin to dig into his shoulders. "Delilah" he warns. I soften my grip. "Why?" I ask tears swelling in my eyes "because" he says gruffly hauling me into a cell, its larger then the rest and has an actual bed in it. My body shivers as he shackled my feet. "Please" I beg and he looks away from me. "I'm sorry" he whispers shutting the cell door. I scream and sob nonstop for days. The guards bring me food, fresh clothes and let me shower. I'm not allowed to leave the cell though. Its been a year and I haven't seen the alpha once since he kidnapped me.

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