Chapter 5

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Chapter 5

It's been so many days since I've seen him. I don't even know his name. All I know is that...I feel like my heart is hammering inside my chest every time he goes by, which just makes me want to avoid him more.

Sighing, I slammed my chalky green locker shut, and twirled the dial with my fingertips. "It's just hormones", I muttered softly to assure myself. Running my fingers through my brown hair, I was surprised to find that a soft orange leaf had fluttered to the ground. It was finally autumn. I glanced outside, the whole schoolyard was alive in a blaze of my favourite colours, ruby red, bright orange, and yellow. Smiling softly, I continued to a much dreaded English class. Maybe today will be an good day, maybe....

"Nora!" a high-pitched voice squealed.

Rolling my eyes, I turned around and was soon suffocated by a mountain of dirty blond hair, and strangled by a pair of tanned arms.

Grinning delightedly, Lisa sprang back, and waved a neon-pink invitation in front of my muddled face.

Narrowing her eyes mischievously, she smiled with her glinting eyes. "When is the last time you've been to a party?"

--------10 minutes later-------


Exasperated, I threw my hands into the air. "No, Lisa!"

Pouting her pink lips, she tilted up her face, and gave me the puppy dog look. "Please, please, please.....????"

I sighed, "Fine......but don't expect me to get all dressed up and stuff!"

Hopping up and down, she clapped her hands delightedly, and giggled.

"And no....oufff!"

Obviously, Lisa had forgotten the "no hug rule". 

"Thank you! Thank you! Now everything will be perfect!!!"

Despite myself, I smiled a little. How could I forget, Lisa the perfectionist.

Despite her squeaks of protest, I untangled myself. "OKay! Enough hugging! I gotta go to English, kay?"

Lisa's View:

Nora walked off, and hollered over her shoulders, " Now don't skip class!"

Rolling my eyes, I grinned. "Don't worry big brother, I won't."

"That's what you always say!"

Laughing, I sauntered out of  the hall, and headed towards my math class, but paused. On the ground, was a little leaf, wrinkled around the edges. Swooping down, I picked it up and grinned. Probably Nora's, she was always so into nature, ever since she was a little kid....


"You can't be in the club anymore!"

"B-But...why not?"

The big girl looked intimidatingly at the younger one. She scowled, and crossed her arms against her chest, and the other girls mimicked her.

"You don't have a brother anymore!" she glowered.

The younger one shook her head frantically. "That's not true! He's just not here, he went to heaven!"

The big girl's frown deepened, and in a sudden burst of anger shoved the girl away.

"You have no brother, so you can't be in the club anymore, so stop being a baby." With that, she angrily huffed, and marched away with the other girls at her heels.

The little one burst into tears, and bawled, running, and crying, "Mommy!"

All of a sudden, the little girl tripped on a pebble, and fell flat on her face.

Looking up miserably, she saw a little girl, just as the older one had, scowling at her fiercely.

"You've ruined my leaf collection!"

Glancing down, she saw a mixture of crumbled leafs, red, yellow, orange, slowly inching away in the wind. Feeling her face, she noticed, was a thin layer of powdered leaves stuck to her wet tears.

Suddenly remembering, she sat back down, and started to cry but stopped suddenly when she was enveloped in a pair of warm arms.

Looking up she saw the girl, looking at her anxiously.

Sobbing, she buried her dirty face into the girl's hair, sniffling, and hiccuping.

She felt little pats on her back, and a soft voice saying, " It's okay, you can cry. My mommy always said that hugs make everyone feel happier."

Still sniffling, the girl told her, "my brother's dead, and so I can't be in the club no more."

Surprised the other girl leaned back and looked at her. "Lots of the girls there don't have any brothers or sisters."

The little girl nodded her head vigorously. "I know, but that's not why I'm sad."

"Then why are you?"

She took a deep breath, and her lips began trembling, "Cause I miss him....heaven's to far to visit, my momma told me."

The other girl smiled sadly, and stroked the little girl. " I don't have no mommy, my real mommy don't want me."

For a moment, both sat in their own misery, when the little girl's eyes opened wide with excitement. " I know!, I can be your mommy!"

The older girl giggled. "You're too young to be my mommy, you're younger than me!"

The younger girl pouted. " Am not!"

"Am too!"

"Am not!"

"Am too!"

Sighing, the older girl rolled her eyes, but then,  began smiling slightly. Taking the trembling ice-cold hands of the little girl into her own, she stared deep into the big, clear-blue eyes of the little girl across from her. "You can be my mommy, but ...only if I can be your brother."

Thinking, the little girl pursed her lips. Then her whole face brightened and she leaped into her new friend's arms. "Okay!"

Grinning at each other, they grabbed each other's hands and started towards the school.

"You want to play house?"


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