Picnic (SFW)

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You parked your car beside the grassy field, excited to spend time with your lover

You opened the trunk of your car and unloaded all the things you needed for your picnic.

"Blanket, check. Basket, check. Phone, check. Flowers, check. Okay let's go!" You exclaimed as you ran through the field, carrying all the stuff.

You laid the blanket down and took out all the food and drinks from the basket.

"Hahh the weather's so nice today, right honey?" You relaxed as you took a sip from your soda.

They just smiled at you as a response.

You chuckled, "You're so adorable you know that right? You'll always be."

You lied down on the blanket and looked up at the sky, admiring the birds flying by (then they poop on you.. oops).

You talked for hours and hours until the sun was finally setting.

You started placing all the things back into the basket and folding the blanket, getting ready to go home

"I miss these.. I miss us.. I miss.. you.." You said biting your lip, tears welling up in your eyes as you stared at your phone.

"But.. it's getting late now and I have to go.. I promise I'll visit you again soon." You sniffled, kissing the picture of your lover smiling on your phone as you placed the flowers next to their grave.

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