Chapter 11

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Mel is taking me on a trail ride on Dakota today. And Lexi, the girl that Mel thinks is mean, is coming too. Mel and I walk out to the barn and get the horses out. Lexi comes later and tacks up her horse Buttercup.

At the barn, I tack up Dakota, while Mel tacks up Jewel and Lexi tacks up Buttercup. When we are all ready, Lexi takes the lead. Personally, I think Mel should take the lead. Right away, I feel so bad for Lexi's horse.

Lexi has her reigns really short, yet keeps hitting Buttercup with her crop. I feel so sorry for him. I mentally make a promise to Dakota that I will never be like that. I pat his neck and continue on.

Lexi has on designer English riding clothes and clearly expensive tack. I think she is one of those girls who cares only about looks. It's obvious that she doesn't care about her horse.

Buttercup starts to fear and spin in circles, causing us to have to stop our horses. Dakota is actually doing well on the trail, considering what's going on now. I've only ridden him twice before this.

I'm too deep in thought to realise Lexi fell off of her horse. Mel jumps off of Jewel to help Lexi back on. Even though Mel encourages her to, she refuses to get back on. We all have to walk back to the barn.

I REALLY don't like this girl. She glares at me the whole time I'm grooming Dakota. What is her problem?


I lie on my bed, flipping through a Dover catalog. Mel is reading some book that I've never heard of before. All I see is a bunch of English tack. I wanna stick to westers riding. I just like it more, and Dakota likes it too.

"So, Lexi isn't very friendly." I say.

"Isnt very friendly? More like devilish." Mel overexaderates. I laugh at her. I put down the catalog and go on my laptop.

I see an ad. for Miller Lake Horse Show. It's in a month. I have to enter this on Dakota!

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