Massage (SFW?)

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You heard the front door open, indicating that your husband had just arrived.

Once you were downstairs to greet him, you saw that he looked really tired.

He had half-lidded eyes as he was arching his back, trying to relieve the pain from it.

He took off his shoes and approached you. "I'm home.." He sighed as he cupped your cheeks, kissing your forehead.

He then hugged you and nuzzled his face into your neck.

"Aww is my baby tired? Does he want a massage from the great (your name)?" You asked, gently rubbing his back.

You felt him nod in your neck so you giggled.

You led him to the bedroom and let him take off his shirt while you were getting some massage oil.

He lied on his stomach, exposing his back to you.

You sat on his backside, poured some oil on your hands and started massaging him.

At first it started with quiet groans and sighs but it soon turned into m*ans and whimpers.

A lot of "Right there"s, "Oh you hit the spot"s and "Mm yes that's it"s were heard from him.

You bit your lip, finding the sounds that he was making, music to your ears.

Sounds that weren't new to you for you've already massaged him before and.. other stuff.

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