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"Nicole..." A sing song voice called out to me.
"Nicole." A little less sing song.
"Nicole!" I was suddenly hit with a pillow and fell out of bed.
"Hahahaha!😂" Titan stood in front of me laughing her butt off. I looked up at her and scowled, then looked at the clock.
I quickly got on my feet and started running around trying to get ready.
"What are you doing?" Titan asks.
"What am I doing?! Did you even look at the time! We're going to be late to school and I haven't even gotten the girls up yet." I screamed at her while pulling on a tank top.
"Oh yeah. About that. They're downstairs eating right now."
I stopped in the middle of putting on some jeans and looked at Titan. She was fully dressed.
"Wait, did you, what?"
"I got the girls up for you since you kept hitting snooze and let you sleep in a little. Your welcome."
That son of a bitch.
"Um. Ok... I guess I'll get dressed and then we can leave." I said slowly pulling my jeans on all the way.
"Alright, I'll go tell the girls." Titan left the room and went downstairs. I am so glad I have her to help.
"Nic. I don't wanna go to school. Mrs. Richards is mean." Alex whined as we walked towards the elementary school.
"Oh come on, she's not that bad. I remember having her when I was in second grade and she was nice to me."
"That's because you were good at math." Nat said on the other side of me.
"Alright you two" I kneeled down to their height "There is nothing wrong with having a little trouble in math. I promise that you will get better. Got it?" They both nodded. "Good. Now have a good day, and I don't want to hear that you got in trouble again. Lindsay."
I looked at Lindsay who chuckled a bit then turned and walked into the school.
"Bye guys!"
"By Nic!" They waved goodbye and then went inside.
After dropping Maya, Nat, M'and'M, Lindsay, Sara, Tess, and Alex off at school, Lucy, Titan, and I went over to the Middle school. Lucy and Titan headed to the sixth grade pod while I headed to the 7th.
I know, I'm the only one out of all those girls that has to be in a class by herself. But luckily I have my best friend Er-
I was suddenly tackled to the ground by my best friend Erica.
"Omf! Get off of me you fatty!" I screamed. Erica is about 5'0 and 100 pounds, but could pack a punch like a wrestler. She also has black braided hair, brown almost black eyes, and dark skin.
"Come on Eric. Get off of her, she can barely breath." Samantha pulled Erica off of me then helped me up.
Samantha was also my best friend. She's about 5'5, has tan skin, brown eyes, and thick curly brown hair.
"No problem."
Sam help me up an then we headed towards our lockers. Sam, Eric, and I are best friends and have been best friends since first grade. We're known as "The Boys" because all of us have nicknames that are actually boy names. Mines Nic, Samantha's is Sam or Sammy occasionally, and Erica's is Eric.
"And then I was all like 'So you're just taking me to a movie, no dinner or milkshake after?' And he was like 'Ya I guess.' So then I was like..."
"Great, the princess and her maids at at her locker." I groaned.
The girl that you just heard was Jessica, otherwise known as "The Princess". She is the most annoying and bratty girl in 7th grade who hates my living self for who knows what reason. So what does the school decide to do, put our lockers right next to each other's.
"Well if it isn't the Boys?" Jessica said as I opened my locker and grabbed my stuff.
"What do you want Jessica?" Eric asked.
I shut my locker door and pulled Eric behind me. She may know how to throw a good punch or two but she doesn't know how to fight with just her words.
"Wow Nic. Are just gonna let your friend talk to us like that?" Jessica spat.
"First off, only people I like call me Nic. And second of all, yes I am, because it's the same way you talk to us. In fact it's a little less mean than how you talk to us to be honest."
"Gasp! Why you little..."
The bell rang for first hour cutting Jessica off. Sam grabbed my arm and pulled me to our science class before I could do anything I would regret.
"Alright class open your books to pag..."
I zoned out like usual and stared out the window. Our school was right next to the sea so we had pretty awesome view.
I put my focus back on the teacher and tried to pay attention. I needed to if I was going to fulfill my goal. My goal is to get straight A's through out middle school and high school that way I could hopefully get a full ride scholarship to Stanford or at least somewhere good. And so far it's been going really good. The worst grade I've gotten is an -A.

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