pt 16.

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Sasha smirked at the softness of La'Paris's hand as he snatched it away from her.

"What are you doing Sasha?" He asked mugging her.

"You been playing hard to get because that goodie to the shoe ass bitch had your attention now I have yours so come on" she smirked.

"Yo you called me over here and told me you fucking relapsed, why would you say some shit like that cause you wanna fuck? Is sum wrong witchu?" He asked mugging her.

"Come playing her to get just give me a taste and ill leave you alone I promise" she whined grabbing onto his sweats.

"Ion hit females ill punch the shit outta you-you crazy as fuck" he said pulling her hand off his sweats.

"You are so boring that bitch can't please you like I can," she said folding her arms.

"She put a nigga right to sleep she doing just right" he assured.

"Whatever I wish Amelia just killed that hoe" she muttered as he raised his eyebrows.

"The fuck you just say?" He asked as her eyes widen at his demeanor and tone.

"I-I didn't say nothing" she stuttered backing up seeing he was already upset that fast.

"I'll kill you with my bare hands bitch you related to Amelia?" He asked pushing her back a little as she kept her hands up.

"No that was just my friend I promise" she pleaded.

"You fired bruh don't come back to my club and delete all my contacts ion want shit to do with you and bother my girl if you want to" he warned backing away from her exiting her house as she took a breath of relief.

"He is fucking crazy" she mumbled.


Paris entered the house taking his shoes off at the door and placing his keys and wallet on the stand next to him before going upstairs.

He peeped into Semaj's room first seeing him knocked out with a candy bag in his hand causing him to shake his head.

He walked towards his and Serena's room opened the door and saw her sitting up straight.

"Why are you still up?" He slid his shirt off taking his phone out of his pocket.

"Couldn't sleep" she mumbled with a shrug.

He closed the door before lifting the cover crawling in between her legs.

The cover lifted as he now hovered over her with her legs spread further apart.

"I apologize I gotta stop acting childish and talk shit out like an adult," he said as she nodded.

"I'm sorry too.I should've just told you I understand why you were mad but you didn't have to yell at me" she frowned making him laugh.

"You right my fault but imma change the childish ways I promise," he said leaning down and peaking at her lips.

"Paris.." she whined mushing his head back.

"What?" He asked kissing her neck.

She was fully aware that he was now horny and ready to just have sex but she was scared usual when he was upset he would take her soul away from her and have her legs shaking for 3 days max.

He lifted her sports bra before taking it off.

"They still sit pretty" he muttered going down further sucking on her right nipple and sliding the boxers she had on down.

He rubbed against her clit lightly as she moaned feeling him sliding his two fingers in.

His fingers always did the job just to have her prepared for the real deal.

He slowly curved up moving to her spot as she moaned his name directly into his ear.

She had him hard already he wanted to resist but he couldn't.

She cummed without a warned causing him to smirk pulling his fingers out as she watched him suck them dry.

She pulled on his pants signaling for him to pull them out already.

"Damn baby, you just ready?" He asked taking it out and sticking it in without a warning.

"This what you wanted?" He asked as he nodded.

He slid into her slowly getting the first 8 inches in he knew she couldn't take the whole thing but she was taking it this time.

"Okay too much-" she whined as he slid in some more before slowly stroking in and out of her.

"Oh, my-" she moaned feeling more than usual.

"You got it, baby," he said leaning down some more speeding up the paste kissing her lips.

"N-No it's too much" she complained moaning in between the sentence.

He went in deeper as their skins collided together making wet noise and clapping back to back.

She leaned her head back sucking on her bottom lip and taking it all in.

"Just like that baby you doing good" he assured them as she moaned repeatedly as he hit her spot.

Man this is all yall getting in writing all that yall get the point🙃: Author

After 12 rounds and 3 showers they both fell asleep, he gave her what she needed and she gave him what he needed they both needed Different Affection from each other.


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