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You and Vance hopper use to be close friend but now you weren't. The both of you got distanced and forgot about each other. Well.... Vance didn't forget about you.

Vance would sent his friend to watch you and make sure that no one messed with you. It was kinda weird. You sometimes would catch his friends staring at you for almost a whole ass hour.

You would mostly see them when you were around Bruce Yamada. Bruce seemed to notice that everywhere you went they were there. "They're your personal security guards." Bruce says as he laughs and so do you. Bruce thought the reason Vance's  friends were only around when he was around was because Vance thought bruce liked you.

He didn't. You and bruce were just best friends. Bruce ended up going missing on July 18.  It was a hard time for you, having to spend every day alone without your best friend. 


It was a Wednesday night. You were in your room crying because your dad had just hit you with the belt. He said he accidentally hit you in the face, but you knew he was lying. You had a big red marl on your cheek, you knew it would be noticiable tomorrow.

The whole argument had started because he was hitting Gwen your little sister. He hit her because she said she had another dream and Also so because he's a bad father and alcoholic.


Finney had came into your room to wake you up since you over slept. " hurry up before dad wakes up!" You loudly whisper to Gwen and finney. They both nodded and finished their breakfast that you made for them. You all heard your dads room door opened so you all quickly grabbed your bags and rushed out the house.

You had to walk finney and Gwen to school since there was a kidnapper called by "the grabber".

"Does it hurt?" Finney ask referring to your face. "No, can't even feel it." You lie. It actually hurt a lot bet he Didn't Have to know that. "Alright, You guys can walk home together or just wait here for me to walk with you." You tell them as you  give  them both hugs. "Finney, if anyone is giving you a hard time just tell robin or just let them give you a hard Time."

Finney frowned at the last part. "Im joking". You say with a small laugh. "Anyways see you to worms later." You say as you walk away from them.

They both when to middle school. You went to high school and You were a junior.  You were popular at school. Nobody liked messing with you. Only one person did. Vance hopper.

He was In the same grade as you. You honestly don't Even know how. He never pays attention and he juts copies off people. You know that because you use to give him the answers to every homework.

You finally got to school and walked inside. As you were walking in the hallways people smiled and waved at you. Some of them gave you a weird look since they saw the mark on your face.

You walked to your locker and open it. When you opened it you saw a picture of you and Bruce on the baseball field. A wave of sadness came thru your whole body. You quickly shut your locker.

You turn your head to the side and see Vance leaning on a wall looking at you.
You look at him and then look away.

"What happened?" A voice says behind you. You turn around and see Vance standing there looking at you. "What?" You ask confused and wondering why he was suddenly talking to you. "What happened to Your face?" He asked again.

"I was messing around with my brother and I hit myself." You lie. Vance looked at you unfazed with your response. "Why'd you ask if you already know what happened." You tell him as you push passed him.

He watched you walk away until he yelled "wait!" You stop and turn to look at him. You see that some of the people In the hall were staring at him. "What the fuck are yall looking at!" Vance yells causing them to quickly walk away. Vance then quickly Walks towards you.

You raise an eyebrow in confusion. "I just want to talk to you... im sorry about Bruce and, and I wanted to check up on you." Vance quickly said. "Bruce went missing on July... its august.... Why are you feeling sorry now?"

"You just... you just seem different now.. like you seem low." You let out a small laugh. "Since when do you observe other people? Hmh?"

*ring ring*

That was the bell telling us that first period was about to begin. "Ill see you around." You tell Vance and you walk away. He smiled to himself knowing that you might start to talk to him again.

Classes finally ended. You walked out the main school doors. "Hey! Wait up!" You hear a boys voice yell. You rolled your eyes knowing that it was Vance. "Oh hey"

"Wanna walk home together?" Vance asks as he is now walking next to you. "Sure I guess." You say kinda annoyed.


I could tell she was annoyed by the tone of her voice. I didn't give three fucks if she was annoyed. I was still gonna bother her until we become friends again.

"Oh shit, I totally forgot I have to walk with finney and Gwen. I guess I have yo go." She says as she try's to walk away from me. "Ill still walk with you." I say as I catch up to her.

I see her roll her eyes from the corner of my eye. She slowly moves away from me and it made me mad. "Why are you being such a bitch!" I snap. She lets out a small scoff. "Funny... why are you even talking to me?" She asked as she continued to walk. "Can I not?"

"You stopped talking to me. Why would you wanna talk to me now?!" She says as she walks even faster. "No, no, you stopped talking to me!"

"We both stopped talking to each other with out even realizing it." She said bow stopping. We had already arrived at the middle school.

~2nd person~

"Hey! It this puto bothering you?" Robin asks as he walks towards you and Vance.
You turn to look at robin and see finney standing behind him trying to hide from Vance.

"No robin." You reply. Robin then looks at Vance up and down. Vance then notices a small body behind robin to he try's to take a look. "What are you hiding from finney Blake?"

"Leave him Alone." You Rudely say to Vance. "Im just trying to make a friendly conversation and , uh, apologize." You and robin both look at each other with shock. The vance hopper wanted to apologize?

"Apologize for what?" Robin snapped. "For being such a bitch to him and, and, uh bullying him." He says as he looks down at the ground.  You, robin and finney looked at each other confused.

"You're apologizing?" Finney ask as he was now standing next to robin and not hiding behind him. "Yeah, did I fucking stutter?" Vance says with an attitude.

"Take my apologize before I change my fucking mind." He says to finney.
"Yeah, okay, uh I forgive you." Finney says with a small nod. "What the fuck." You hear Robin mumble.

"Y/n, me and Robin are walking home together." Finney says. You look at him and give him a stare. Robin then let's put a smal laugh because he knows that stare. He knew that you didn't want to be left alone with Vance. "Good luck." Robin snickers as he and finney start to walk away.

You then turn to look at Vance and see that he's already looking at you. You roll your eyes and start to walk.

(You and Vance are 16 in this story and finney, robin and Gwen are still the same age. )

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