Epilogue ~ Mila

Several months later...

I was shaking, and that wasn’t funny, man. It was like the bloody floor was moving and I couldn’t keep my body still. My heart was beating so fast it could set free and jump out of my chest and I needed that to keep living, I couldn’t lose it. I tried to calm myself down, I most certainly couldn’t have a panic attack in that moment, but it felt like the room was getting smaller and I wanted to run away.

Then I felt a hand on my shoulder, squeezing gently and bringing me back to reality. “Babe, breathe,” Zayn reminded me and I had to take a deep breath, my eyes closed before answering.

“It’s hard,” I whispered and I hear him chuckle. “It’s not funny!” I whined looking up at him.

He was at my back whilst I was on my chair in front of the desk with many books on it. My books. We were at my first time ever signing after releasing my book, which had been a big success in the UK already. Terry, my editor, was with me, also Moni —of course, she would never leave me alone— and Zayn were there, giving me moral support.

I still couldn’t believe people were buying my book, that they liked it and were dying for the next one in the series. It was my dream and it had come true. It was so surreal and sometimes I feared it was just a dream and that I was going to wake up in any moment. But it was actually happening, I was there waiting for the doors to be open and the signing to start. Moni had told me there was a queue outside already, mostly girls but there were a few boys as well.

I was literally dying behind that desk, holding so tightly my sharpie that I was scared I was going to break it.

“It’s funny somehow. I remember I was just like that the first time we did a signing,” my boyfriend told me bending down to kiss my cheek. “It’s gonna be fine, it’s not hard and they are always nice. You’ll see.”

“Still! I feel like I’m going to melt in any moment!” I cried out and he chuckled again.

“If you do, I’ll clean the mess later,” my best friend supported from the other side with a big smile.

Her eyes were shining with pride and her smile was screaming ‘I told you so’. She never doubted me, she always knew I was going to do this someday and she was with me this moment. She helped for this to happen and she never left me get discouraged about my writing.

“That makes me feel better,” I replied with sarcasm evident in my voice. “That was all I needed to hear.”

“I know. That’s what friends are for, right?” Zayn chuckle as his right hand rubbed my back encouragingly.

“Are you ready, Mila? They are about to come,” Terry showed up to let us know. She was checking something on her iPhone, probably a mail or something. She was a busy woman, but always caring and helpful. She supported me to get here and helped me to make my work better. I was so grateful to her.

“I’m not, but bring it on,” I answered and she smiled at me amused. Hey, I was being honest.

Finally, she left with one of the employees of the bookshop and Zayn at my side gave me one last peck and encouraging squeeze before stepping aside where he wouldn’t call attention, next to Moni. Not too close, but not too far away either. People were starting to gather in front of the desk and I put on my best smile as I started to ask for names and signing copies of my book.

All my readers were amazing and it was so nice to meeting them at least. Many of them knew me from when I was still writing fanfics of Harry Potter and told me how proud they were and that the book was amazing and they couldn’t wait for the second. Some of them even shed some tears when talking about some scenes of the book and how I destroyed their hearts.

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