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"Boy get the fuck out my face if you're just going to sit here and stare at me like a fucking weirdo." I rolled my eyes looking at Tay.

"You be onnat stupid shit." He smacked his teeth.

"Like you don't bitch. Miss me with that. A whole bitch just texted my phone a couple days ago." I mugged him.

"So what you saying?" I raised my eye brows. "You acting like I told the bitch to dm you."

"It don't fucking matter nigga."

"I'll pull them fucking dreads out yo head." I said.

"You're so fucking aggravating. Go fuck onna bitch that texted my shit." I almost yelled.

"Why you doing allat? You know i'm for you." He grabbed me and started kissing on my neck.

"You wanna take me and get something to eat?" I asked. "That'll make me feel better but I still don't like yo ass." I said.

"Come on. I gotta go and handle some after though." He said. I shrugged. We walked out my house and went to his car.

I got on my phone and started to text Kay.


i'm finna do some to him

what you mean by that 👀

lmfao not like that Kaylene.
he finna take me to get something to eat
finna pour all of this shit on him

ouu girl
what he do though

he's a fucking liar. I hate liars lol

I closed my phone and sat it on my lap. "Lemme see yo phone." I said. I just wanted to know if he was going to let me see it or not.

After he got us some food he went wherever he needed to go.

I ordered extra shit so after I put all of this shit on him I could still have something to eat.

"Wait these fries don't look right." I looked at them. "Why you say that?" He asked.

"Ion know. It's just something." I threw them on him. "Bruh what the fuck Numani."

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