Chapter 38: Screams and knives

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Chapter 38: Screams and knives...

Chapter 38:


Elena's POV:


I stared at Thomas wide eyed. No.


"I won't do it." I said through gritted teeth. He chuckled, and toyed with my hair. I try moving my hair away but it's impossible to do so, when your tied to a chair.


"Oh, but you will, darling. Otherwise I'll keep going until you kill her. Yes....I like the sound of that. I think I will do that. I will continue with her when she wakes up, and you'll finish her off." He smiles. I cringe in disgust,

"You can go straight to hell you sick bastard! I will never be like you nor will I want to be!" I spat in his face. And he looked angry. All of a sudden he raises his hand and smacks me across the face.


I bit my tongue from crying out as the sting was causing my cheek to throb. I will not give him that satisfaction!


" need to show respect to me...or you'll regret it. I didn't want to hit you but you left me no choice...punishment is punishment." He shrugged and walked to the table to clean off the pliers. I was trying silently to get my hands out from these chains, but it was no use.

It seemed like a long time before Chrissie started stirring. I was silently begging for her to stay asleep. No! I can't watch anymore! I don't want to kill her! I won't!


Chrissie opened her eyes groggily, and it took her a second to realize what's going on. She started thrashing against the chain,


"No! Let me go!" She cried. I too struggled against my chains, hoping to help her,

"Thomas! Let her go dammit!" I scream. He tsked us.


"Well, now that your back with us, I say it's more time for fun...don't you think?" He tilted his head to the side. Chrissie was shaking and sobbing,

"N-No, p-please! S-Stop." Her broken cries wrenched at my heart. How could anyone find this amusing, as Thomas was laughing. He then grabbed a small knife, and stalked towards her.

"Thomas please! Let her go! Take me...just leave her!" I scream. He shook his head,


"Sorry love...I don't want to do this to you." He turned his attention back to Chrissie who was desperately trying to escape. He took the knife and scraped it hard against her torso, and blood immediately was pouring out. She thrashed and screamed in pain.

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