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The Seven Deadly Simpson Brothers

Chapter 15 ~ New job

"Awww, sleeping like a baby." 

"Nah more like a koala.."

"Koala??? What the hell man?"

"Look at the way she's curled up!"

"Ohh, I kinda see it now."

I opened my eyes slowly, I got the feeling that these comments were being made about me.

Yep. Gold star to Coral.

Gomez, Giovanni and Severn looked down at me, I could tell they were trying not to laugh. 

 "What?" I croaked. I hated my morning voice. 

"You sound like a troll," Severn stated, and they all started laughing. 

I sat up and raised an eyebrow just as Landon walked in. 

"Shut up!" he hissed at them. "Walter's sleeping."

We all turned to look at the sofa in which the eighteen year old was lying in. As soon as I saw him, his head of black hair, and the tall lean frame, memories of what he had said last night came rushing back. Walter liked me. 

"Why does he have to sleep here?" Giovanni scowled. 

"Why do you have to breathe?" Landon snapped back, then a grin broke across his face. "Joke man."

"What time is it?" I asked. 

Landon checked his watch, "Just done half past nine."

I had to go to Johnson's Cafe today, to start my new job. But I didn't want to leave, especially after not speaking to Walter. 

Just thinking about Walter must have triggered something because he woke up, lifting his head to look at us. His face was rough with sleep, and it looked plain sexy. 

"Hey," I smiled at him. 

Walter stared at me and then his head flopped down again, back to sleep.

Landon chuckled, "Might have given him an overdose."

"What?" I gasped.

"Kidding." He smirked at me, then he mumbled, "not really."

"What's wrong with him?" Gomez asked frowning at his brother. 

"He  slipped up last night." Phoenix said as he walked in, Eli behind him. I was started to dislike the way this guy would always just appear and join in.

 "Well that's why you should let me come too," Eli muttered hatefully. 

"You're not ready yet," Phoenix snapped. 

Eli glared at him, "Yes I am! How ready do you want me to be? I'm seventeen. I know all the shit."

I guessed that they were talking about their gang stuff. Maybe it was only the three eldest boys who got their hands dirty. I realised that all the Simpson brothers were present. It was kinda weird seeing them all in one room. Even though one was unconscious.

"Not now Eli," Phoenix said. 

Giovanni patted Eli on the shoulder, "Don't worry son, we're still waiting to."

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