Sex with one direction

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Athors note "hey guys this story is all about s** and i ur under 18 leave plz this has dirty parts and sexual parts and plz dont comment bad stuff if u do il stop writing this story and i will be talking SLANG .......

***********chapter one *************

KATIE POV!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys my name is katie but u can call me kate my favriout name is kate so yeah i am 18 turning 19 tommorow im so happy i have been adopted by a mother called selena and a father called justin i am going to get sold because my step mom is ill and she has cancer so she is gonna need an operation so they sold me they had no money soo yeah when i was sold i was unhappy it was on my birthday an i was angrey but i was happy the same time cuz i was sold to one direction i love zayne oh i want to marry him oh i luv him i was all on zayne malik i actually kissed him on he cheek i said to zayne " hi im katie but u can call me kate and i know ur name zayne malik i luv ur name it suits u im madly in love with u"he replied " nice to meet u but already have a ........" I cut hin off " oh ok i know u dont like me but i do" he replied sarcasticly" yeah i hate u soooo much" i said with a anger voice "i know u hate me if u like or love me they propve it i dare u to kiss me " zayne replied " um were " i said with a soft sweet voice " on my lips darling " he said " hell no " but then he did it he crushed his lips on mine i felt the snoothnes i forced him to kiss me for minuties i held his head and moaned while kissing he moaned to his tongue met mine as i they were kissing to ......

ZAYNE POV!!!!!!!!

I was forced to kiss her althought i quite like her love actually omg did i just say that dont tell anyone guys i finished kissing her it was amazing she was hot so yeah so i looked at my bb i saw a 4 text message from my mom liam nial harry i looked at harry he grinned then i looked at nial he laughed then liam starte raising him eyebrows so these were the messages


Hey dude she is mine so get out of my was im gonna have sex with her today so stop thinking about her


Stop she is mine


Thinking about her jerk she is mine


Hey honey i just head u brought a girl really ?

I texted harry nial liam shut up dude then texted mom yeah we did she is 18 turning 19 tomorrow and she lookes like me "

Ping ping ping ping


I answeresM = mom Z=zayne

M ! Hey

Z! Hi

M! Watts her name?

Z ! Katie but call her kate

M! Nice name

Z! Mum she lookes like me And i love her she kissed me on the cheek then forced me to kiss her on the lips

M! Cool i gotta tell u somthing

Z! Cant right now im bussy soz il call u wen im finished

M! Kk bi

Z ! Kk bi

End of call................


Hey guys il uplode only one vote thx i luv i guys btw leave if under 18. Cuz now its dirty thx

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