Chapter 4

I spent most of the day playing Mario Kart with Lee. Noah went out so we didn't see him.

     "I'm actually pretty surprised he took care of me," I admitted to Lee.

     He laughed. "You're not the only one. I would've, if I'd been there. But I got kind of waylaid..."

     "Yeah, you told me about Veronica. Was there another girl you kissed, or just the one? You want to watch it, or you'll be turning out like your brother."

     Lee rolled his eyes at me. "Says the stripper. We make a fine pair."

     "I was intoxicated."

     "So was I, a little."

     "Not Noah, apparently."

     "I think he must have been, if he was looking after you like that. He's not usually so... so nice."

     I laughed. "To put it nicely."

     "Indeed. Hey, maybe he's crushing back at you."

     I gave Lee a flat look. "Don't be so ridiculous. And I got over that crush anyway years ago, as you well know."

     Lee wrinkled his nose. "That'd be weird anyway."

     "Whatever." I shoved his shoulder, making his kart veer off course, and making Yoshi plummet off the side of the waterfall while I took first place with Luigi.

     I got home around five, since I had some homework to finish off. I'd made Lee drive me home, since I'd borrowed a pair of his jeans and I didn't want to wear those in public. I made a running dash for the door, my best friend laughing at me the entire time.


     "What?" I yelled, poking my head out of the door.

     He threw my dress from last night over to me, and I caught it just before it fell on the ground. "See you in the morning!"

     "Bye, Lee!"

     I shut the front door and heard, "Rochelle, is that you?"

     "Yeah! Hi Dad!"

     "Come in the kitchen a sec."

     I sighed, wondering if I was in for a lecture now or not. My guess was not, but you never know. And when my dad does get angry with me for something, it's something I dread.

     He was working on his laptop at the kitchen table, and I heard Brad on the Wii in the lounge.

     "Hey," I said, putting on the coffee maker.

     "You can make me a cup too while you're there," he said.


     "Good party?"

     I nodded. "Yeah, it was great."

     "You didn't get too drunk? Or do anything too stupid?" He shot me a stern look over the rim of his glasses, pointedly conveying that he was talking about boys.

     Not that I'm even sure why he bothered. It was hardly confidential knowledge that I'd never had a boyfriend, or kissed a guy.

     "I, um... I wasn't too bad... only a bit drunk."

     Dad sighed, and took off his glasses, rubbing his cheek. "Rochelle... You know what I've said about you drinking."

     "I was fine, honestly. Lee and Noah took care of me anyway."

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