For Better or For Worse.....

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Another day, another useless boring night. Taking a deep breath, Nora left the room, hating night school with all her heart, ignoring the excited chatters of the others. She stepped out, as usual, the air smelt of sweaty axe from the boys, sweet perfume from the girls, and occasionally there were the sound of quiet snaps of bubble gum.

She walked steadily past the bright pink posters that screamed “ Coffee House” to her.  That was something that she obviously wasn’t going to do, now if she could just leave without-

“Nor-nor!” She sighed, and turned. Great, just what I need, Lisa.

“What? What do you want”, she said glaring.

“N-Nothing, I just wanted to know if you wanted to do anything tonight…”,she said, and she quickly glanced down at her slightly worn converse.

Nora sighed, and tried to smile. “No, thanks, I’m sorta have something to do, I can’t be late”.

“O-Okay, just, um, call me if you….I don’t know… want to do anything,” stuttered Lisa quietly.

Nora’s View

I sighed and nodded. I knew that I wouldn’t call. And so did she, but what else was there to say. I walked slowly out of the school, fully aware of her pitying stare that was boring holes in my conscience

Oh Lisa..., she knew better then to bother me when I was in one of my moods.  But then, today is a special day. I walked to my apartment, and gently closed the door. Wouldn’t want the neighbours to be filing any more complaints about me, not that there was anything more that they could possibly complain about. The door creaked open, and like always the apartment was dusty, empty, and all shadows.

Just like my heart, I mused. Setting my bag on the table, I walked towards the soft light of the window, waiting to see what was always there, and would be.  Squinting into the cool air, I stared into the sky, looking…. Where was it? Then, I found it, the star, my star. I couldn’t help but smile, it was so beautiful.

There it was, at 8:00 exact. At least it remembered. I sighed, and took out a crumpled piece of my favourite chocolate chip cookie into my hand. Softly, I started crooning, “Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday dear Nora, happy birthday to me.”

Chapter 2: The dream

"Your my little angel." My mother whispered into my ear. I grinned delighted.  "I am?" I asked in my little childish voice. My mother's soft brown eyes warmed, and glowed with love. She reached out to cup my face, and cradle it in her hands. "Of course you are, my angel, don't forget". I smiled, but my brow furrowed for a second as a little rumble erupted.

My mother laughed, and hugged me once tightly before releasing me. "Does Nora want a sandwich?" Shyly, I nodded. She smiled, and took my little hand into her own.

As I skipped down the hall with my mother, I began pestering my mother with questions. She answered, but paused at times, and she seemed a little sad.

Pursing my lips I hugged her knees. "Mommy are you sad?"

Another pause. A sigh. She reached down and gently released my strangled hold on her. She sat down next to me.

"Mommy can't see you anymore, angel."

"Why not mommy?"

Another sigh. "Mommy can't give you anything you want angel."

Desperately, I jumped onto her. "It's okay mommy, I don't need a pink pony with glitters, and a...a.. bag".

"It's not just that darling, mommy doesn't know how to love you, or take care of you."

I looked into her face, but it was fuzzy. I felt a wetness run down my cheeks.

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