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"Aye shawty." Khalan yelled out to some girl.

"Nigga you and Kay not together no more?" Izaak asked him making me look over at him.

"No she be tripping." Khalan waved him off. "What you want?" The girl asked.

"Lemme get yo number." He smirked. I laughed and finished rolling my wood. "Lemme get a hit." Tee said.

"Nigga roll yo own shit." I smacked my teeth. I patted my pockets feeling around for my lighter but I didn't.

"Who didn't give me my shit back?" I looked up. I looked at Dre to see him looking off. "Nigga give me my shit." I laughed.

"Man." He said as he threw it to me. "Hope she know I just wanna fuck." Khalan said.

"Shit she prolly do too." Izaak shrugged. "I'm glad."

"You and Kay gone get back together." I said. "We not." He shook his head making me nod mines.

"She finna come over here and cuss yo ass out." Tee tapped Khalan making him look over. I seen Kay, Nunu, Jazz, and Nani.

"She finna come over here on bullshit. I just know it." Khalan shook his head. I stood up and wiped my pants off before I sat back in my car.

"You think I ain't see you get that bitch number?" Kay asked. "Why she gotta be a bitch though?" Khalan put his hands up.

"Nigga stop playing with me." Kay slapped him. "Ouuu." My mouth dropped.

Khalan grabbed her and walked away. "Fuck is you looking at me for?" I mugged Nunu. "Bitch ain't nobody looking at you." She rolled her eyes.

"Why when I look at you, you was staring all in my fucking face." I tilted my head.

"Fuck is you looking at me for them bitch?" She mugged me.

"Y'all might as well fuck already." Jazz rolled her eyes. "Never fucking this hoe ass nigga." Nunu pointed at me.

"Ain wanna fuck yo stupid goofy ass no way." I shrugged blowing the smoke out. "Come on y'all." Kay came back over.

They walked away, "Hate that bitch." I shook my head. "Two weeks and y'all ain't gone be able to leave each other alone." Dre laughed.

I flicked him off. "Lemme guess y'all back together?" Tee laughed. "Damn. Y'all really think we like that?" He held his hand over his heart.

"Nigga yeah." Izaak laughed. "I'm finna go." I dapped all of them up.


"Grandma shit. Needa check up on her." I said. "Aight. Ima see you." Dre said. I got in my car and pulled off.

My grandma was really my everything. My momma in jail and my pops dead. Niggas was hating and killed him.

My momma went to jail for killing the nigga that kilt him. She suppose to be getting out in a lil though.

But when all of that happened my grandma had took me in. I'm forever grateful for that shit.

When I pulled up to her house I threw my wood down and went to knock on her door. She ain't like the smell of nunna det shit so I had too.

"Hey my baby." She smiled once the door opened. I hugged her then walked fully in.

"How you been doing?" I asked her as I sat down on the couch. "I been doing good. Moving around more." She smiled.

"That's good. You need help with anything?" I asked.

"You ask me this every time you come around and even if I say no you will still give it to me." She chuckled.

I laughed, "Do you though?" I asked. She was about to say something before somebody knocked on the door.

"Open it for me." She pointed. I looked through the peep hole seeing some nigga.

I opened the door and cracked it a little. "Is Ms. Mary here?" The man asked.

"Who asking?"


"You know Pete?" I looked back at her. She nodded. I opened the door all the way and he came in.

"You wanna buy these meats?" He asked. "How much you want for em?" My grandma asked as she stood up.

"Twenty five. It's two in each pack." He started pulling them out. "Yeah. I'll take em." My grandma went to her purse then gave it to him.

"I'm gonna get more stuff." Pete told her. "Come back and i'll see." She said to which he nodded.

"This is my grandson, Tay." She pointed at me. "Wassup." The man held his hand out. I dapped him up then he walked out.

"He always doing that?" I asked her as I followed her to the kitchen. "It don't matter to me though. I won't have to go to the store myself."

"Where Walt at?" I asked, referring to my grandfather. Everybody always called him by his first name. He didn't mind it though.

"Somewhere. I don't know." She shrugged. I nodded.

"You need anything before I go? I just can't to check on you." I told her. "For the last time, no." She laughed.

"Aight." I put my hands up in surrender. "Ima see you later grandma." I hugged her. "Okay baby." She walked me out.

I walked off the porch then got in my car. I was about to go home and take my ass to bed. I haven't slept in ion know how long.

I'm always up so therefore I barely have any sleep.

When I got to my house I grabbed my key and unlocked my door to be met with my dog Roscoe.

"Wassup nigga." I mushed his head. He followed mt to my room as I took off my shirt. "Don't jump on my shit either." I pointed at him.

He started barking. "Ion give a fuck." I laughed. The fact that I was really sitting here talking to a dog was blowing me.

I looked at my phone seeing the boss man was calling me. I answered it and put it to my ear.

"Wassup?" I asked. "I got something for you."

"Ima get it when I come back outside." I told him.

"Bet." He hung up.

I was definitely not going to be doing this my whole life. When I was a teen ager I used to cut people hair and shit but stopped because I ain't have no type of motivation.

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