I'm a princess and I love my bodyguard

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My name is Summer White I am 6 years old and I have an older brother who is 8 called Cameron my parent's are Kayla and Charles White they are the king and queen of England, Cameron is the prince and I'm the princess.

Summer's p.o.v

"Happy birthday princess" my maid Amy said walking in my big bedroom I gave her a big smile and climbed out of my bed and ran towards her and gave her a big hug "thank you Amy" I said "6 years old wow I remember when you were born" Amy said coming down to my level and giving me a hug "what you bought me?" I asked as she pulled away from the hug "Summer if I tell you that then it wouldn't be a surprise will it" Amy said laughing I shrugged my shoulders and walked over to my big wardrobe. Amy is my maid and has been since I was 4 she is 18 and I bet your all thinking how can she remember when I was born when she became my maid to when I was 4 well Amy use to work for my mummy but now Amy only works for me. I also think Amy is a good friend "so what do you want to wear today princess?" Amy asked I shrugged my shoulders "you decide" I said turning to face Amy "what about your lilac dress?" Amy asked going in my wardrobe and pulling out my lilac dress "no I hate that" I said as I started to pull my face Amy looked at my face and started laughing "what's so funny?" I asked her as she put the dress away "your face and that dress was your favorite last week" Amy said "and now I hate it" I said nodding my head "what about your baby blue dress?" Amy asked I nodded my head "that's my favorite" I said as Amy pulled out my blue dress "you get changed then in 5 minutes I’ll come back and collect your pj's and then I’ll take you down stairs okay" Amy said I nodded my head and gave Amy a big hug "love you Amy" I said "love you to princess" Amy said (A/N Summer and Amy both see each as sisters.)

Amy pulled away from the hug and left me in my room I went over to my bed and got my teddy bear I picked it up and hugged it "okay Mr Snuggles you go to sleep now and be a good teddy" I said placing Mr Snuggles in my bed and covering him up I got Mr Snuggles for my 4th birthday from my older brother Cameron who is 8. I took off my Hannah Montanna pj's and put on my baby blue dress and looked in the mirror and smiled at my reflection.  Amy came into my room a few seconds later "wow Summer you look gorgeous" Amy said smiling I gave her a big smile and walked over to my jewellery desk I only have a few necklaces, bracelets and stud's for my ear's my parents say when I'm older I can proper earrings like hoop earring’s.

I picked up my butterfly necklace and walked over to Amy "can you help me put my necklace on Amy?" I asked her "of course I’ll help you Summer and you don't need to ask just tell me to do something and I’ll do it" Amy said taking the necklace out of my hands, I nodded my head slowly and turned around so Amy can put my necklace around my neck. "come on princess let's get you downstairs to your mum and dad" Amy said "and Cam you can't forget Cameron, Amy" I said nodding my head "let's get you downstairs to your mum, dad and Cameron then" Amy said taking my hand "yay" I cheered walking out of my room with Amy as we walked down the grand stair case. When we got to the bottom of the stairs Christopher the head cleaner was cleaning the family portraits when he saw me he stopped cleaning and bowed "happy birthday your highness" he said "thanks Chris" I said hugging him "your welcome your highness" I looked to see which portrait Christopher was cleaning and it was the one where I was 1 year old on my mummy's lap so she was sat down and my daddy was holding my brother who was 3, I smiled at the picture then walked into the main room of the castle with Amy behind me. 

When I was fully in the room all the maid's and servant's are all here in a huge line so why is Christopher not in this line why is he working? When they saw me they bowed and said "happy birthday your highness" I smiled and jumped up and down "thank you all" I said "all right now you lot back to work" a voice that sounded like my daddy's said I looked and saw my daddy with Cameron "happy birthday angel" my daddy said as the member's of staff went back to work. I ran towards my daddy and got picked up "happy birthday Sum" Cameron said "thanks Cam" I said smiling "and thank you daddy" "your welcome angel" my daddy said kissing my forehead then putting me down onto the floor "where's mummy?" I asked my daddy "mummy is upstairs in our room sorting something out" daddy said "what's she sorting out?" I asked "Summer don't be nosey" Cameron said "Cameron go to mine and your mum's room and tell your mum Summer is downstairs" Daddy said to my brother "okay dad" Cameron said going towards the stair case to get my mummy.

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