The man of my dreams...literally.

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First story EVER. Except for that one in 7th grade for english. I am pretty nervous. Check it out for me? =)



Most hate to go to sleep. I can’t wait.

I mean my life is good; my parents aren’t horrible and I have friends.  But I loved visiting Reve. He was the guy of my dreams, literally.

We are best friends, and have the time of our lives in Somniare. We don’t know why we can see each other in our dreams. I was never sure if Reve and Somniare were ever real. It was all very confusing; all I knew was that Reve and I had the best time in Somniare, running through the villages and getting into trouble.

The best part is that when it’s night in reality (or wherever our dimension is called)it’s morning in Somniare. Best of both dimensions. Funny joke right?

 Now that I think of it I never really knew much about Reve, and I never pondered on it much. I mean I didn’t even know if Somniare was real, so why bother? He never told me who exactly he was. And when I figured out who he was, and how I played into that, boy was I surprised. 

It all started when he came to my school. Yeah. I freaked out too. 



meh. just an idea. tell me if it sounds like something worth continuing! I am so dang nervous. I hope I don't suck TOO bad. 

oh and Reve is pronounced REE-VE, like leave with a 'r'. excuse the grammar please =)

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