Adventure -Little Taste.

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Hi there please read:

I am not a very good author. Alot of my stories are confusing and stupid, I rarely update. So I went hiatus on all my stories, except this one.

This one has already been written, all of it, it is finished. I might make a sequel.

But I have written and saved the whole story. I am now posting one or two chapters a week depending if I get my goals fast enough. xD

(Little taste of the story before you read.)

Everyone hated the Estes (pronounced Est-as) residence, the parents being awfully rude, spewing insults at everything in that lives.

Thanks to them, Harry Estes grew up without friends, talking to trees and cats that would cross his path, He would feed the cats, they would give him a thank you, and leave.

Wait, a 'Thank You?'

Yes, Harry could speak to animals, Trees, Flowers.

If something bad was to happen to Harry, they would protect him.

But why him?

When Harry was Three he was taken by someone he doesn't even know, now living with a family he thinks is his.

Niall Horan is one of the few people in the FBI that care about children kidnapping, Everyone else only caring about the Pirating movies.

He has been working on this case for years. (He is twenty-five, Harry is eighteen) Ever since He turned twenty he was trying to find the boy who vanished.

And when he does..

They go on a Adventure.

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