Quiz competition

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Aaron's POV

"May I come in sir?" I asked.

"Oh Aaron, yeah I called for you. Please come in."

"I called you for telling you that you will have to participate in a quiz competition next week. I have spoken to your mom about it and she has no issues. It will be held in Drakesburg High School", he told me.

"Okay...will there be anyone accompanying me?"

"Yes, a few of your juniors will be accompanying you."

"Okay thanks."

"Yeah, you may leave now."

I left Princi's office and headed to my next class. Honestly, I didn't care about that competition at all. It was all normal for me. Being the all rounder that I am, I am used to being sent to many interschool competitions, nothing new for me. But what was stuck in my head now was Alice and her secret. I seriously don't know why such a silly thing was bothering me when I didn't even care for her. I need to stop thinking so much.

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