Scary Movie (SFW)

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"I dare you, to watch a scary movie with your enemy." Your bestfriend's voice echoed in your head as you remembered why you were in this situation in the first place.

In the movies, watching the movie genre you hated the most, together with the person you hated the most (sorry to those who love scary movies 😖).

You loathed scary movies. You hated the suspensful music and the jumpscares. They made you flinch hard and scream.

Halfway into the movie, you noticed that your enemy kept looking at you and so you quirked an eyebrow and glared at him.

He looked back up at the movie as if nothing happened.

You watched the main character walking through the hallway when your vision was replaced with a hand, a loud shriek from the movie following.

You flinched a little and then held the hand's wrist, wondering who it belonged to.

You looked up to see your enemy, still looking at the screen yet his hand was indeed trying to cover your vision but not touching your eyes.

"There was a jumpscare." He said, not bothering to look at you.

You looked down, still holding his wrist, feeling heat rushing up to your face.

"T- thank you." You stuttered.

He looked away, not wanting to let you see the blush that was creeping up onto his face.

The rest of the movie went on just like that.

He'd cover your eyes whenever something scary happened and you'd thank him when its over.

There were some times when he wouldn't cover your eyes just to see you scream or jump.

He'd laugh at you and you'd hit and quietly yell at him.

At some point, there was a really scary part that made you jump so hard that you ended up hugging your enemy's arm.

You didn't notice this until he was caressing your hair with his other hand.

"Shh I'm sorry I won't do that again.." He whispered into your ear which sent shivers to your spine.

Your enemy? Saying 'sorry'? To you of all people? You thought it was a dream.

When the movie ended, you said goodbye to him but- "I'm coming with you." He said before you walked away.

You looked at him confused so he continued, "It's night and I can't have you walking around all scared and hugging other men. You'd probably have nightmares as well so I'm coming with you whether you like it or not."

You argued with him for a while until he won.

That was it.

Your enemy was going to your house.

You couldn't breathe.

The scary woman with bloody eyes and sharp teeth with skin as white as a sheet was staring into your soul, choking you.

You tried crying for help but this summoned more scary women that want to eat you alive.

"(your name)! (your name)!" You heard faint yelling of your name.

Your eyes opened abruptly, breathing heavily as you took in your surroundings.

It was your room.

"Nightmare?" A masculine voice asked to your right.

You looked to see your enemy and just nodded as a response, tears welling up in your eyes.

You heard him snicker so you glared at him, not really looking intimidating because of your dewy eyes.

"Haha alright alright. Come here." He chuckled as he sat beside you on your bed and embraced you (ya sure you're enemies?).

Once you were in his arms, you instantly started sobbing, hiding your face in his chest.

"Wanna talk about it?" He asked, patting your back.

He felt you shake your head, assuming you said no, so he just stayed quiet.

Your sobbing died down as you felt relaxed with the position you and you enemy were in:

You were on his lap, all cuddled up, your head leaning on his chest while his head was resting on top of yours.

He wrapped you up with blankets while his arms cradled you like a baby.

It was so comfy that you couldn't help but drift off into another slumber.

You woke up to the sunlight shining from your window.

You looked around and saw that you were lying on someone's chest with their arms wrapped around you.

You looked up to see your enemy, still sleeping, mouth slightly open.

You brushed away the hair that was on his forehead so that you could take a better look at his face, careful not to wake him up.

Well, he did lmao.

He yawned and stretched, an arm still lazily wrapped around you.

"G'morning beautiful/ handsome." He said, looking down at you with sleepy eyes, voice deeper than usual.

You looked away, blushing, "Morning too.. I guess."

You heard him chuckle so you punched his stomach.

"Ooh~.. why so rough dear?~"  He said, wiggling his eyebrows.

"Are you always flirty with people in the morning?" You glared.

"Why? Jealous?" He snickered. "Tsk. As if." You scowled.

"Well you don't have to be darling. I'm only like that when I'm with you~." He said, playing with the hem of your shirt.

The action suprised you causing you to stand up abruptly. "I- I'll go make breakfast." You speed-walked outside your room, flustered.

His POV:

"Psst! Baby! Look!" I called my lover from the living room since I found a very nostalgic memory.

"Yes hon?" They asked, voice faint since they were still in the bathroom.

Once they walked in, a shriek was heard from the T.V., causing them to scream as well.

I laughed as I remembered the time when we went to the movies together, watching the same movie that was playing on the T.V..

"What the heck (his name)?!" They shouted at me, hitting my arm, a habit of theirs that I could never get tired of.

"Haha just look at the T.V. dear." I said, holding their hand.

They looked at it hesitantly and then their eyes widened.

"Wait! That's the movie we watched right? The dare?" They smiled widely.

God I love their smile.

The same smile I saw when I stopped with the 'I hate them' act of mine and finally asked them out.

"Yes baby. Wanna watch it again?" I asked, leading them to the couch.

"Mhm! Just cover my eyes when the scary parts come." They giggled as they snuggled into me.

Gosh they're so adorable.

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