𝟯𝟵: bad luck

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NOTICING HOW she hadn't been herself.
How her laughter wasn't as loud, and her smiles were forced.

She hadn't been that way forever. In fact she was born the complete opposite, yet the world finds a way to punish the good people.

It challenges them.

Forcing the walls they once built to protect themselves and making them a prison trapping them in the mindset of a murderer.

When all they ever were was a victim.Who lost too much at such a young age.There is no such thing as bad people. We're all just people who sometimes do bad things.


HER EYES widen at the two figures that she notices standing on the path.

Their bodies swaying gently in the breeze while the younger one slowly brings his camera down to his chest.
Blue meets green, as her heart pumps the thick blood around her body and her heels dig into the pavement behind her.

Her vision drifting to the older man beside him, his hand resting on his hip where an evident gun rested. The weight passing through her toes to her heels as she stepped backwards, the salty breeze that flew through her hair, tickling the back of her neck.

While her body gently swayed her backwards, her eyes only focused more on their body language.
Watching closely on their legs, to try and sense if they were going to run towards her or stay put.

The noise of a soft whooshing caused her to turn her focus to the moving car, driving peacefully down the street. Her weight eventually lifting while a silent breath flew from under her lips.

Her body bolting, as she only focused on the sound of her own footsteps slapping against the ground.
Noticing the pogues sat around the boat as she saw her two options, run down the stairs, or jump the railing onto the sandy shoreline.

Pausing in her sprint to turn around watching the older man follow her direction while the younger still stood in his previous position but his hands held the camera in front of his face. While his fingers danced over the snapping button. Watching as the grown male grew closer, his eyes following each vehicle that steered past him.

Layla turned to look at the railing, her soft palms clashing with cold metal beneath her touch as she pulled her body upwards.

One foot landing beside her hands as she threw her other leg over the railing. Her head tilting up as she connected with the blonde boy over on the boat who held a confused expression before practically launching herself over the bar.

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