Black Water (Chapter 7)

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"Seriously I am fine Jez," I said for about the hundredth time, Jez shook her head at me telling me that she didn't believe me.  I shrugged my shoulders at her, and looked down at the graffiti covered table. Luckily Jez didn't press me for information much more as the rest of the gang, Elle, Darcy, Kayla, Jeremy and Cameron all came in at once and sat around our table. They were all discussing our Supernatural Culture lesson, a lesson which is completely useless as being supernatural we already know about our own culture.

"I swear if I have to sit in another lesson about how we should treat all supernatural's the same no matter what the can do I might actually stick a stake in Mr Gransew" Kayla said as she leaned into Jeremy. "Honestly I think I can safely say that I am not 'racist' against werewolves." She Jeremy gave a quick peck on his cheek.

"Did he ask you to write about werewolf rights again?" Jez asked sympathetically.

Kayla nodded, "I swear if anyone is racist against werewolves it's the creators of that stupid lesson. If they just dropped the subject then we wouldn't have some much bitterness," Kayla sighed and picked up a grape from the bowl she had brought over. I gave Jeremy a quick understanding smile, werewolves get so much stick - especially from the vampires - because they are what we call 'part timers' apart from once a month they can live fully human lives. Of course a small minded few think that makes it easy for them and that because its only once a month werewolves shouldn't be allowed to come to Elton Cattrell, which of course is pardoning my French Bullshit.

"So anyway I now have a detention for calling Mr Gransew a shrivelled old corpse." Kayla sighed. "And it's not even because I insulted him, it was because I was not being politically correct." Kayla sighed again "Anyway rant over, what's up with you guys." Kayla turned to me "Did you have fun sharing a timetable with Jarred?" She said nestling herself into Jeremy's chest.

I shrugged my shoulders and mentally groaned, I had hoped that the conversation had moved on from him. The worst part of having a gift, is the fact nobody else can see what I can. Sure, Elle can read emotions and I know that Paige can look into people's minds at her will - Something Mr Joy has forbidden her from doing - and I know that some others have gifts like Telekinesis and Echolocation. But were still a minority in the school, about five or six of us in all, and all our powers are different so I think it's safe to say I am the only one who knows what Jarred is.

"Err earth to Ali," Elle said pulling me out of my own thoughts, I smiled at them all before standing up.

"I feel a little sick, maybe I had too much to drink last night and this is a delayed reaction," I lied quickly all their faces turned from confusion to sympathy.  I quickly walked away from the table, but not quick enough I still managed to hear Elle talking to Jez.

"I can tell you there is nothing wrong with her, I was getting zero sick vibes. More stressed then anything."

Shit! I thought to myself as I walked to the door, I silently cursed the fact I couldn't control my own emotions. It makes it very hard to lie to someone who can tell what you're feeling.

Something hard smacked into my forehead and knocked me to the ground as I turned the corner, I fell straight to the floor. Note to self, thinking while walking is a bad idea. I pulled myself up and was about to tell whoever it was to watch were they were walking, even though it was my fault. Then I saw Jarred staring at me, his lip ring in his mouth again and his fringe flicking into his right eye, his very blue eyes. God why do all the good looking guys have to be the bad guys?  I swallowed my insults before pushing past him, he tried to grab onto my arm but I slipped through his grasp.

"Ali, Wait we have to talk about this." He called after me, I turned around.

 "I have nothing to say to a monster," I replied coolly before turning on my heel and began to walk away.

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