C h a p t e r 42

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Y/n pov

I opened my eyes hearing a knock at the door, I stood up slowly and walked to the door opening it. I opened the door seeing blaires aurora Astoria and pansy "oh hey u guys" I said as I was still tired "where u just sleeping?" Pansy asked "yeah I was tired" I said "she sleeps everyday anywhere anytime" aurora said I laughed at what she said "yes in fact I do" I said as I saw Astoria close the door behind her.

"Do u have a hair clip?" Astoria asked "yeah I have it in the bathroom" I said "I'm just going to show u the bathroom" I said they all followed as I went to the bathroom, I have two bathrooms in well my some what apartment, one being a bathroom in my room and another being a bathroom near the living room, the one that did have my hair clips was the bathroom in my room.

As we walked inside my room they looked around and just as they walked in they noticed Mattheo they all turned to look at me I smiled at them weirdly "weren't u with Fred?" Blaire asked "wait since when" pansy said confused "like one two days ago I dont even know" aurora said "what is going on in ur life" Astoria asked "do u still need the clip?" I asked "YES" she yelled mostly out of shocked I went to the bathroom as they stared at Mattheo asleep I walked back out n they where still staring "he looks weird" pansy said "probably because this is the calmest we will see him" aurora said "he always has a cover up to hide how he feels and shit" blaire said "right he be hiding everything" Astoria said.

I walked over to the bed and sat next to Mattheo sleeping, I raised my hand ready to pock him or something but he grabbed my wrist and opened his eyes "u guys are weird" he said looking at Astoria aurora blaire and pansy.
He looked at me and wrapped his arms around me "again werent u with Fred?" Blaire said/asked "blaire shut the fuck up" Mattheo said I laughed a little as I looked at Mattheo, who was that girl with the long black hair he was talking to, does she mean anything to him?.

I made Mattheo un wrap his arms from me, I stood up from the bed and went to the girls "we are just going to leave" they said "alright" I said they walked over to the door and I followed behind, I closed the door as they left and walked back into the room, seeing Mattheo still laying down, today was Saturday so either I can go out or stay in, I would rather stay in I went to the bed and laid down next to Mattheo, he tried to wrap his arms around me but I pushed him away and turned away not looking at him.

"Why do u keep getting mad and than being fine" he asked me "I'm not mad" I said "u sure?" He asked "yeah I'm going to get ready for breakfast" I said as I stood up and went to the bathroom to get ready, oh I'm mad just not at him at myself for forgiving him in my mind and then getting mad why am I being so bipolar?, I washed my face and brushed my teeth, I brushed my hair out as well and grabbed some clothes changing into different clothes.

"I'm leaving" I said as I grabbed a couple things and went to the door, I left the room and walked to the Slytherin common room, I went inside the common room and saw my friends on the couch "oh we were all getting ready to go to breakfast, want to come" Lorenzo said/asked "sure yeah" I said as they stood up and we left the common room walking to the great hall.

"So how are u with Fred?" Theodore asked awkwardly "seriously I know u guys don't like him because u like Mattheo but Fred's nice and he's kind and he's what I imagined before Mattheo" I said "yeah well I still want u with Mattheo" Lorenzo said giving sas "yeah well I still have his kid in me so ur good" I said as we continued walking "look I like how ur happy with Fred but I think that Mattheo is better I shouldn't tell u who to be with but let's be honest ur family of anyone else finds out about Fred it's going to end badly and u getting attached isnt going to help either" Theodore said "I know that's why it's a secret" I said I looked around and saw Mattheo he came next to Lorenzo and they started talking.

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