35: i love you

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the triplets and gianna woke bright and early to have a head start on the day. they went downstairs and saw their friends, their parents and justin with party hats and confetti poppers.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY BOYS" they yelled as logan and justin popped the poppers.

"thanks guys" the triplets thanked  in sync.

"woah. did y'all read through y'alls minds?" gia asked amazed by their triplet telepathy.

"we're triplets gianna. sometimes we'll be in symc" nick sighed, putting an arm around his best friend's shoulder.

"so for breakfast i have pancakes for matt, waffles for nick and french toast for chris. i made plenty of them so if you guys are hungry help yourself" marylou explained.

"thanks again mom"

"of course. it's not everyday my babies are a year away from turning 20" she said hugging all of them.

"mom" matt whined in a 'embrassement' tone making everyone laugh.

approximately an hour later, everyone was getting the house set up for the party. gianna being a control freak, she wanted everything to be perfect so her boys could be happy. she made the cake the night before and got the playlist ready. she put everyone on 'party duty' for a week.


sunday, july 24th

"greetings people. now, you may be wondering why i called you guys over at 2 am for a meeting without the triplets" she said, earning groans from everyone.

"let me take a quick guess. it's for their birthday" indiana replied.


"tho, why the 2 am call? can't we do what we did for them on their 17th?" alisson asked.

"no. this party has to be something epic cause i can't celebrate their 20th with them next year"

the girl earned weird looks from her friends and sister.

"i just got the official word. i'm going on tour next summer!"

the girls and logan looked shocked, but then congratulated the coleman girl.

"this is huge! i'm coming with you for sure" alisson said.

"yeah that's why i want this birthday to be epic. the only way i could celebrate with them next year is on the phone"

"well are we waiting for? let's plan a fucking lit party!" logan exclaimed.

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