Chapter 33

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I finally shut my eyes fully.

(My dream)

"Kaci! No!" "Danny!" "Andre!" The names of all the people that died hovered around my mind. "It's all your fault!" "Alfie, it's all your fault!" "Alfie!" "Alfie!" "Alfie wake up!"

(End of dream)

"Alfie!" Megan shouted. "Wake up!" I slowly opened my eyes. "Come on we need to get to that airport, we are running low on ammo and food." Megan pointed out. I slowly pulled my body up from the bed and told Megan that I would be down in a minute. Megan left the room. I got up; got dressed and went down stairs. Everyone was sitting around the table. "Hi guys!" I said. "We are coming with you, the more people the better. That airport is a big place, we will need more people!" Francesca said. "Okay, but what about Lauren?" I asked. "She can come with us, she is old enough to fight for herself." Sara said. I looked at Sara and smiled. "What are we waiting for? lets go!" I demanded. Everyone packed up with what they was doing and they began unlocking the door. We walked cautiously to the airport. everything was unlocked, but no zombies in sight. "Pst! Over here!" I voice said. "I saw you guys coming here from the roof and thought I'd come down to see you. My name is Shannon. Me and my friend, Connor, have been on the roof for days. we need your help." Shannon said. We followed Shannon to the roof.

When we got to the roof, I could see all of the planes. "So where you guys going on holiday? Why were you here when it happened?" I asked. "I'm a pilot!" Shannon said. "I was just a passenger on the plane that Shannon was about to fly." Connor said. "If you were 'about' to fly the plane, doesn't that mean that the plane was full of fuel?" I asked. "Oh my gosh! I didn't think of that!" Shannon said. "We can get the hell out of this country. We should go to somewhere smaller where there is less zombies." Shannon pointed out. I looked around at everyone. I smiled. "Leighanna what was the name of the airport near our house back in England?" I asked. "I'm not sure... something like LeighfiePort, but I am not 100% sure." Leighanna replied. "We can get their! Follow me!" We followed Connor after he asked us too. we climbed down a ladder at the side of the building. "That's the full plane!" Shannon said whilst pointing at a British airlines plane. "Get in!" Shannon demanded. We all got on and the engine started. "Here we go!" I said whilst looking at Francesca. Francesca looked back at me. "It's just going to remind me of Andre!" She said whilst a tear raced down her face. "It's going to be just fine!" Leighanna said. The plane started to take off. I closed my eyes since I hated planes and waited for us to land.

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