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Just My Imagination

Jaydon TatumJanuary 17th 2018Boston, Massachusetts

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Jaydon Tatum
January 17th 2018
Boston, Massachusetts


"JAYSON CHRISTOPHER TATUM" I jumped and the sound of my mother yelling. "Yess" I said as I rolled my eyes. I told her the key was for emergencies only.

"BRING YOUR ASS DOWN HERE" I threw my head back into my pillow and got up. Its too early for this shit. "Yeah" I walked down the last few steps and saw her, she was fuming.

"Jayson... Imma ask you one time and one time only... have you ever slept with anyone unprotected" I furrowed my eyebrows confused. "No?"

"LIES" She walked up to me and slapped me. Hard. "If not than why is TheShadeRoom saying Amanda gave birth to your child. "It's not mines" I rolled my eyes. "She's a hoe, she gets around"

I didn't care whether it was true or not. I'm not taking care of the kid. Sadly, I got another slap to the face. "I did not raise you to speak down on women Jayson"

I mumbled a quick sorry and went to the kitchen. "How is Amanda anyways? I haven't seen her since y'all graduation" I shrugged grabbing a water from the fridge.

"I don't know, I haven't spoken to her since then.. we kinda drifted apart" she looked looked me up and down before mumbling something. "Mhm.. Don't be let to practice"

And with that she left back out the door.


"Yo Jt" Jaylen yelled, jogging over to me. "What's good" we did our lil handshake and I dropped the ball. "You got a kid?" I shook my head. "Nah I'm child free"

"Ian mean to offend you or anything but with everything on the media.." I just nodded agreeing to what he was saying. "I know.. I'm supposed to make a statement about it later so this can just blow past real fast"

"Do you even know the girl?" Jaylen questioned. Practice was over now and we were headed to the locker room. "What girl?" He shot me a look. "The one that everyone is saying has your baby"

"Oh.. Yeah" he stopped in his tracks. "You know that fine ass woman- Jayson put me onnn" I shrugged. "We don't talk anymore, we kinda drifted apart" he smacked his lips and waved me off.

"How you let a fine ass woman like that get away Jt" She got away because I made a dumb decision...



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Liked by Celtics, and 388,059 others
jaytatum0 Got something BIG brewing in


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A/n; Sorry it's short. Its not really enough for a full chapter in Jayson's Pov... for now at least
Also my bad for going MIA

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