Teasers (SFW)

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"Please introduce yourself, dear." The teacher said, patting the boy's back who was in front of the class.

"Hi.. I'm (his name)... It's nice to meet you all!" The boy said, shyly, looking down

'Cute.' You thought as you were staring at him.

"He's such a dork." "Aww a shy boy!" "I bet you (your name) will ask him out soon. They're into nerds." Your friends snickered in front of you.

"Shut up guys!" You quietly scolded them.

"Go sit next to (your name) sweetie. The person at the back, window seat (ahh the main character seat)." The teacher gestured to you.

You widened your eyes as you saw him walking towards you, your friends already laughing at you.

You fixed your hair and patted your clothes to clean yourself up, wanting a good first impression from him.

"Hi! I'm-" Your introduction was interrupted when he yelped, falling off his chair.

The class laughed at him but you helped him up.

"Are you okay? I'm sorry for frightening you. (your name) by the way." You said as you held a hand out to him, suprised that he was shorter than you.

"U- uhh.. Hi.. I'm (his name).. It's nice to meet you, (your name).." He said, blushing.

You blushed as well, finding him very adorable.

You're in the cafeteria eating with your friends when you saw (his name) carrying his tray of food, looking for a place to sit.

You called him, gesturing to your table, wanting him to sit with you.

He shyly made his way towards you and sat next to you.

"H- hi (your name).." He greeted quietly.

Your friends dramatically gasped and looked at you with their mouths hung open.

"Seriously dude.. how 'bout us? We want you to say 'hi' to us too.." One of your friends sulked.

"Yeah.. you could've said 'hey guys' y'know.." The other joined them in sulking.

You laughed at your friends for their drama and to (his name) for him trying to apologize to your overreacting friends.

The commotion died down and now you were all eating in peace.

Once you were finished, your friends looked at eachother and giggled because of the sight: You were propping your chin in the palm of your hand, looking so lovingly at (his name) while he was just looking down and eating his food, oblivious to what you were doing.

Your friends snapped a picture but you were too busy admiring him to care.

Months passed and now you were walking into the cafeteria with (his name) hand in hand as you made your way to sit with your friends.

Your friends were looking at both of you, flabbergasted with their mouths agape.

"Close your mouths guys. Flies exist y'know." You laughed as you sat down and made (his name) sit on your lap.

(his name) blushed at this, not objecting.

He and your friends gasped when you unexpectedly kissed his cheek, as if showing off that he was yours.

"(your name)! Since when?!" One of your friends exclaimed.

"Yesterday. I confessed to him and he apparently liked me as well. Right, baby?" You said, gently rubbing his arm.

His face flushed as he nodded shyly. Your friends cheered and squealed at this and you just laughed at them.

"Okay okay how 'bout this.. Is he... still a virg-" Your friend's question got cut off when you bonked their head.

"I swear.. you and your fantasies." You shook your head.

"Smile for the picture!" One of them said.

You and (his name) looked at the camera and smiled.

"3.. 2.. 1.." You laughed as you were shown the picture: You were kissing his cheek while his eyes were wide open, blushing and pursing his lips.

"And that kids, is how your father and I got together." You ended your story as you showed them the two pictures your friends took of both of you in highschool.

"Ughh (your name).. Did you have to tell the kids the embarrasing stuff?" Your husband who was sitting on your lap said,  embarrased.

"So.. is he top?" Your eldest son said, smirking at your husband after he took a look at the pictures.

"Oh my gosh son... where'd you learn that.." You glared at him while (his name) just stared at him, shocked and blushing.

Your son was saved from explaining when a car honk was heard from outside your house.

"Looks like your aunties and uncles are here." You smiled as you and (his name) stood up, helped the kids with their bags and went outside.

"Take care and have fun! Behave, okay? Don't do anything that'll cause trouble." You told them.

"We wil! In return, give us another sibling." Your eldest said, whispering the last part.

"Haha gotcha." You laughed and winked at him and waved them goodbye.

They ran to the car and got in.

"What did he say?" Your husband asked as you both went in the house.

"Let me just show you." You said smirking, locking the door and then dragging him to the bedroom.

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