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If there was something you and your stoic boyfriend would always disagree on, it was PDA.

Everytime you tried to kiss him, hug him or even just hold his hand in public, he would always back away and keep his distance from you.

And so, you decided to get your revenge by ignoring him for a day.

He'd ask you about something and you'll just walk away, pretending to not hear anything.

He'd try to show affection for once like trying to back hug you when you're cooking or kiss your cheek while you're reading, but you would purposefully miss the opportunity.

He was getting annoyed by this so he decided to confront you.

"(your name). Why are you avoiding me." He said, not sounding like a question, but more of a statement.

You ignored him once more by walking away.

He suddenly grabbed your wrist and then smacked his lips against yours.

He pulled away, panting, caressing your hair, "Just talk to me baby.. I don't like getting punished like this."

"Why don't you like holding my hand in public?" You sighed.

"I just.. am shy.. I guess.." He grumbled.

"Shy? You, shy?" You stifled a laugh.

"S- shut up.. I'll hold your hand in public from now on okay? Just.. don't ignore me again. It hurts.." He said, his voice getting quieter.

"You're such a baby." You giggled as you kissed his cheek.

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