"I'm only a little upset that I wasn't the first"

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“A DNA test really?” Grandpa laughed

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“A DNA test really?” Grandpa laughed.

“Yes,” Fiona said with her head held high

“And how did you get our-” Uncle ace started but Fiona cut through his sentence.

“Simple Alexia got samples of your blood and gave it to me, but neither of you seek to know the reason as to why she needed your blood,”

“Look I don't care what you did with our blood and what twisted lies you told to convince Alexia that she's not my daughter but-”

“But the test results are right here and it shows that you're not my father,” Alexia cuts into her father’s sentence. 

She pulled out a paper from her bag and held it up.

“Mom took care of it then I collected the results. She's not lying, I mean why would she lie and how would she be able to mix things up or something?" Alexia said

“Princess your mother is a sly, lying, manipulative bitch. She lies and you and I would be surprised of things she's capable of,” uncle ace said and Alexia is frown at his words.

“Give that to me,” grandpa said while pointing at the results

She handed it to grandpa and he looked at it before passing it to uncle Ace. After eyeing the paper uncle Ace ripped it into pieces.

“Daddy no” Alexia said as she watches the pieces of paper fall to the ground.

“This is bullshit and you know it,” uncle Ace cursed.

“Not it's not,” Fiona said

“Why can't you stop aren't you tired of these stupid games," grandpa said

Even I was getting tired of this bullshit drama

Dad, Stella, the twins, and I took a seat as we took in the chaos going on in front of us

“I won't stop until you accept that Alexia is your daughter making her your first child and not Leon. Stella should be queen-” Fiona said.

“Mom what are-”

“So that's what's this is all about,” grandma laughed.

“Fiona get the fuck out of my house. Don't you think you've caused enough drama and pain in my husband and his family's life? It's a shame you’re bringing your only daughter into some false drama,” grandma said while walking towards Fiona.

Grandpa took her arms and pulled her into him. As much as they hate Fiona grandpa knew grandma's intentions if she was to get close to Fiona.

“Look at you, pathetic bitch” Fiona said while glaring at grandma.

We all got up from our seats except Stella who was texting on her phone. Fiona looked at us and grandma held her hands up stopping dad.

She gave us and sign to seat back down and we did.

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