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"Why is this nigga staring at me like that?" I pointed to Tay who had a mug on his face while he was looking at me.

"Ion know. Ask the nigga." Dre shrugged. "Why are you staring at me like that bitch?" I asked.

"Ain't nobody staring at yo stupid ass." He said. "So what you looking at then bitch?"

"Call me a bitch one mo time and i'm gone throw this fucking remote at you."

"Bitch." I smiled. Next thing you know I felt a remote hit my head. "You be onnat bullshit." I rolled my eyes.

"Where my friend at?" I asked. "With her nigga. Something you need to get so you can get the fuck away from here." Dre said.

"I thought you was my friend." I put my hand over my heart. "I am. I was just fucking wit you." He laughed.

"I need you to record something." I told him. "What?" He asked. I put a finger up at him before I went in the kitchen and looked through the refrigerator.

I grabbed a egg then went back in the living room. I pointed at Izaak that was sleeping. Dre put his thumb up before we slowly walked over to him.

I sat the egg on his face then grabbed a piece of my hair and started to rub it over his face. He rubbed the spot before I did it again.

That's when he smashed the egg on his face. "Oh my fucking God bruh." He yelled as he stood up. All me Dre, and Tay were doing was laughing.

"Y'all niggas play too much. I was getting a good ass sleep." He smacked his teeth going to the bathroom.

"Now yo ugly ass wanna laugh." I rolled my eyes. "Why you talking to me?" He asked.

"You just so sassy. That's ridiculous." I shook my head. "I'm going to the club tonight though." I said.

"Y'all should come." I continued. "We was gone do that anyway cause that's how we is." Dre shrugged as he started to laugh.

I was about to say something before somebody opened the door. It was Khalan, Kay, Nani, and Tee.

"Where Jazz?" I asked. "She said she gone meet us at the club." Nani said making me nod. "What y'all been doing?" Khalan asked.

"These niggas sitting here playing and shit. Making me slap a egg and shit." Izaak pointed at me and Dre.

"Shit was funny as hell." I mumbled. I seen Tay get up from the corner of my eye. "Where you finna go?" I asked.

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