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Pisces regretted listening to Libra. While the others were out in the mini ships getting more alliances in the galaxies Pisces, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn, and Melanie were on their way back to where Taurus had first been taken and kidnapped. And uh no they did not tell any of the others they were leaving...

" Omg what if they come back early and think we've been eaten by rock monsters!" Exclaimed Pisces, he had sat there worrying for the past hour while Capricorn was steering the ship.

" Relax Pioneer we'll be fine," said Capricorn and Pisces looked at her weirdly.

" Pioneer?"

" What? It sounds like Pisces."

" No, no it doesn't where the hell did you get Pioneer from-

" Oh shush," said Capricorn crossing her arms and turning away from Pisces.

" Also rock monsters are super nice!" Exclaimed Libra glaring at Pisces. When she turned her back however Pisces was mimicking her and Melanie was laughing.

" What?" Asked Libra turning around and Melanie shook her head.

" Nothing."

They finally arrived and exited the ship quickly, Capricorn had landed them in the woods... again and the five of them made their way towards the palace.

" How are we gonna get in?" Asked Melanie and Pisces realized that they had no plan along with no weapons except apparently Capricorn's knife.

" Well uh, you see, we're gonna... um-

" Pi stop embarrassing yourself," said Capricorn putting her hand up, she of course already had an elaborate plan. The girl was incredibly smart for a reason. However the plan was also really dumb. They needed someone to distract and just like last time Pisces was chosen.

Pisces sighed feeling like to bash his head against a tree multiple times.

" Why me!"

" Why not?"

Pisces glared at Capricorn and Libra's grins and stormed out from behind the trees, he was now in the sight of over a dozen guards all who stared at him.

" Wait! Don't shoot," said Pisces putting his hands up even though the guards hadn't moved one bit, they just stared at him. Gosh these guards were like the guards you'd find at the queens palace, they didn't even say a word.

" I must enter this building! My uh sister is the lost princess," said Pisces who at that moment noticed signs all around with pictures of a baby. The lost princess whoever the hell that was.

Pisces had their attention now, the girls all rushed to the side wall and were beginning to climb up using Capricorn's grappling hook.

" You know the lost princess? Where is she!" Shouted the guard pointing his spear at Pisces, alright so maybe this hadn't been the best plan...

Pisces laughed nervously and then made a run for it straight back into the forest with the guards right behind him, Pisces closed his eyes for a second and summoned a wave of water to blast the guards away, he didn't want to kill them, after all they were not his enemies. Pisces ran in a full circle and came back at the wall of the palace gasping for breath and dripping in sweat.

" Hey Water Boy! Get up here!" Shouted Capricorn with a laugh, Pisces rolled his eyes and began climbing the rope hoping that whatever happened next that he and his friends would make it out of this safely.


" WHERE IS THE SHIP!!!!" Shouted Scorpio so loud that she may have scared away half the monsters in the woods, all the mini ships were back and all of them had made successful alliances with different armies of creatures. Now however the ship was gone.

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