French Boy (SFW)

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You were on a vacation in France.

You were walking around, looking for a place to eat breakfast when you spotted a cute cafe.

You sat outside and called a waiter. You were too busy admiring the view that you hadn't noticed that your waiter arrived.

"Bonjour chérie! What can I get you, Monsieur/ Mademoiselle?" He said in a thick, French accent.

"I would like to get a café au lait and a croissant s'il te plaît et merci." You said, awkwardly smiling at him as your French was kind of broken.

"Croissant and café au lait.. I'll just serve it to you dear." He said while writing down your order.

While waiting, your phone rang. "Hey! Guess what!" You exclaimed as you answered the call from your bestfriend.

"Jeez.. you're so loud. Anyway, what's up?" They asked.

"I just met a hot french guy. He's a waiter at a cafe I'm eating at." You said, not bothering to lower you voice as you thought that no one will understand you (keyword: thought).

"Oh my gosh (your name).. you are so-" You stopped listening to them as your waiter arrived with your order.

You smiled and thanked him. Looking at your order, it was a croissant, a cup of coffee and piece of paper beside it.

You opened the paper, showing a phone number and a not under it saying: 'Je pense que tu es magnifique chérie et je sais que tu penses que je le suis aussi'.

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