Part 2

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"Good morning, Angel!" he says still half asleep

I turn my body to him and look at his beautiful face features, he notices that I am looking at him so he pulls me to himself and hugs me tightly.

"I love you, my beautiful Angel!" he stares at my eyes for a minute, so I feel like breaking our eye contact because I get nervous

"Babe its already lunch time, I need to go shopping with my friend after an hour so I better get ready" I say not looking at him

"Can you stay with me for longer, please? And if you want I'll go shopping with you today, my Angel" he says looking at me with his dark brown eyes and curled eyelashes

I don't want to leave him alone, therefore I agree to stay with him.

Out of nowhere, I feel his hands rubbing my thighs and I get goosebumps on my body

"Did I make you nervous?"
I nod nervously

He comes closer and gives me peck kiss, then gets out of bed.
He is naked.

I close my eyes so he thinks I didn't see his naked body.

"You don't need close your eyes, look at me for how long you want to. You have seen me naked, and so have I. Remember you're mine and I am yours, my Angel." he says with a smirk

I laugh nervously and turn to look at his naked body. Its very very beautiful.

His body is mesmerizing as well as his face. His arms are big and strong, the arms that touched and squeezed every part of my body. And I can see my lipstick on his body, my kisses. I... I just can't stop looking at him.

Moments later...

I am inside his luxury car, he has put every picture of mine in his car.

"Alright, lets go and get some hot stuff for my gorgeous Angel!" he says and turns on the engine.

He places his hand on my thigh while driving, and it feels amazing.

We are at the mall.

Garett bought me a cup of coffee with a french croissant.
As we head to the Victoria's Secret's shop he stops walking.

"Come with me to the Victoria's Secret's shop" I tried to convince my boyfriend

"Babe.. its womans shop-" he shyly said

I looked at him, "Really? Fine." I answered in a sad voice

As I was walking into the shop, I felt him hug me from the back.

"Of course I will come with you baby" he said

After awhile...

"Try on this bra, you will look so se/y in it" he said

I laughed at him, " You are a good shopper, huh?"

"If its something for you I will always be a good shopper, I mean seeing you try on sexy stuff must've been my biggest dream."

While I was trying on, he sneaked in to the fitting room.

"Heyyy, you're not allowed to be here" I said when I saw him in the fitting room

"Why not, Angel? I want to see your hot sexy naked body" he said

I tried on the bra he brought with himself into the fitting room, "How is it?" I asked him

He put me against the wall, sliding his finger from my lips to my underwear

He seemed hungry to fuck me

"We- we can't fuck in here, babe." I moaned

"You sure, because even the name says secret and so I want to fuck you secretely" he said teasing me and opened my bra

"Babe.." I stuttered when he squeezed your boobs with his hands

"I love these." he whispered

5 minutes later...

I was sitting on ghe floor of the fitting room with him.
I can't feel my legs, they are shaking but I love this feeling. The feing when he fucks me hardly and with passion.
He is literally obsessed with me, I can tell that.

We literally fucked in the fitting room for 10 minutes straight and we would continue doing it but we heard a knowck on our door..

I got dressed quickly and opened the door, "Hello. Sorry to bother, but you have been in here for a long time and I want to check if everythings okay." the woman asked

I didn't know what to respond to her so Garett popped his head out and answered for me.

"Hey yeah- yeah we are o-kay" he answerred her and closed the door quickly

He was surprised and schocked at the same time so I asked him why he went pale, "Uh.. don't worry" he went quiet, "that woman is my ex but I don't care. Lets go love." he said still in shock

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