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Chapter 30


    I knew Pascarth. He was an idiot. But hopefully, Agent P didn’t grow some smarts to know we were coming for him. I wanted this to go by quickly. Because I knew that if there was going to be any easy ones, this was the only one.

    “Okay, where is he?” I asked Billy, and Chase, hoping they would know where he was.

    “Well…” Billy started, And I noticed the way he lovingly looked into Michael’s eyes, “Last time we saw him, he was at Jack’s house.”

    I took this information in.

    “Do you think he knows we are coming for him?” I asked.

    But Michael was the one who answered,

    “Oh no, no way, he is an idiot.”

    I just stared at him.

    “How…” I started.

    “He’s my dad.” Michael answered simply, as if stating the weather was nice, which it was, but that’s beside the point.

    “Wow.” I didn’t see that one coming.

    “Look I hate him, that’s why I ran away, kill him, he needs to be stopped,” Billy assured me.

    But this made me think hard. I didn’t want to kill my parents. I mean, they were my parents. I loved them, no matter what they did, and I knew Michael felt the same way. But just like I knew my parents needed to be killed, Michael knew his dad needed to be stop.

    So I just nodded my head, and we jumped in the car we had just acquired. The trip to Jack’s house was an easy one. We all knew where he lived, and I set it off as much as I could. A bathroom break here, and snack break there, but I knew we would have to be at his house sooner. I don’t why, but this mission was going to be the hardest. Not in finding him, because quite frankly, he was an idiot, and he obviously was going to be at Jack’s house. It might have been the fact that Michael was his son, o the fact that I knew what he was going to feel like when I did the deed. But mostly is the dawning realization of what I was becoming. A cold blooded murderer.

    Chase looked at me, as if reading my thoughts.

    “You’re not bad, your defeating the people that will hurt the world, and the people in it,” He stared into my eyes.

    “But I have to kill so many people, Zane, my first love. My parents and highly respected spies. I mean I already killed the head of the FBI!” I whined.

    “It’s okay,” He assured me, and pulled me into his shoulder.

    Finally, we arrived at Jack’s house. It was deserted. But that didn’t fool me. Me walked up to the door, and I turned to face my group of friends, that I had gotten so close to.

    “I just want to go in, just me,” I explained.

    Chase and Billy nodded their heads, but Michael stepped forward.

    “No, I’m going in with you. He’s my dad,” he protested in a calm, even voice.

    I wordlessly nodded my head, and we opened the door, to the death of Michael’s dad. Our footsteps were meant with a trail of blood when we were in the front door.

    “What the hell…” I wondered.

    I gasped.

    “Oh my god! I am so sorry! It wasn’t me,” I gasped to Michael.

    Tears were pricking my eyes, as I saw Michael silently crying.

    Right in front of us, was Pascarth, on the ground, dead. He eyes were wide open and holding no life. He was bloated which meant he had died a little while ago, probably when we were on the way here.

    I could’ve stopped, there, walked out, and went on to the next person, but something stopped me. I felt it was the only thing I could do to, to help Michael. I will find the killer. And as I stood there, I noticed a piece of paper peeking out of his pocket. I walked over, ever slowly, making sure Michael didn’t freak. I very cautiously and slowly slipped the white paper from Pascarth’s pocket, and opened it up to reveal the neat penmanship I had gotten so used to.

    There, I did this for you, another one down for you, but believe me, they know you’re coming, be ready to face the hardest challenge of your life, and maybe, just maybe, we will meet again. But I’m promising you this, if we do meet again, it won’t be for fun. Because one of us, one of us will be dead, if not both.

    Yours truly,


    I knew Cay was somehow tied into this, but I didn’t think she was going to be on their side. But I knew one thing was for sure. She would never be my friend again. And that was what hurt the most.


    Long time no update, eh? Sorry I just have been really busy, and I didn’t feel like pushing the other things aside to update, but sorry about the shortness but I needed to just get this over with, and I needed to finally update, so here it is.

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