Wattpad Presents: WattCon FAQ

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When and where is WattCon 2022?                                                                

WattCon takes place in Los Angeles on Saturday November 19th 2022 at the Loews Hollywood Hotel.

Is there a cost to attend WattCon?                                                                       

Early Bird Admission tickets for WattCon are currently on sale for USD$39 (in person) and $5 (virtual), which includes one full day geared towards helping you transform as writers and foster deeper connections as readers. Early Bird ticket pricing will end on Monday, September 5th and will increase to USD$59 (in person.) It's a full-fledged conference complete with topical panel discussions, workshops, and opportunities to meet and learn from the industry's best talents. The ticket price covers just a small portion of what it takes to bring this amazing event to our community.

What are the Covid protocols at WattCon?                  

Wattpad and The Loews Hollywood Hotel are committed to the safety and well-being of our guests. While those who attend WattCon are accepting the inherent risk that comes with travel and spending time with guests outside of friends and family, there are protocols in place to help mitigate where possible. For more information on how we are ensuring safety is a top priority, please visit this link


WattCon is being held at the Loews Hollywood Hotel - a beautiful hotel located in the heart of Los Angeles. The Loews Hollywood Hotel is fully ADA compliant with doorways, elevators, bathrooms etc. modified to standard. WattCon attendees will also be able to request accessible guest rooms should any guest require certain accommodations.

What if I have a food allergy? 

While we try to be inclusive and accommodating to the needs of our attendees, we cannot guarantee that certain foods have not come into contact with others that may result in an allergic reaction (ex. nuts, eggs, wheat.) If you have a concern, it is recommended that you bring your own snacks for peace of mind. A buffet lunch will be provided where the ingredients will be outlined for reference. You will also be able to note any allergies/intolerances on the registration form.

Why isn't WattCon happening at Wattpad HQ?                                   

While we love hosting our community at Wattpad HQ, the reality is that as Wattpad continues to grow and expand, we need more dedicated space to facilitate the kinds of talks, workshops, and community building that we want to bring to WattCon this year.

How does WattCon's location get chosen?                                              

The WattCon leadership team carefully evaluates a potential location against a series of parameters, the most important being: capacity, location and availability. Our goal is to host WattCon in a city that is centralized for the population of the host city, and easy to fly internationally.

How does WattCon's date get chosen?                                                      

The date was selected based on a couple of factors. We wanted to ensure that both WattCon and the Wattys occurred prior to the ramp up of the holiday season. The team (and selected production partners) also require a certain amount of lead up time to ensure the best possible experience for our community members.

Will Wattpad pay for my travel and accommodation?                     

We're thrilled to be able to host and meet the amazing community that makes Wattpad so special. That said, travel to Los Angeles and accommodation during the conference is the responsibility and sole discretion of the attendee. Wattpad will not be able to provide or reimburse travel / accommodation for WattCon attendees, nor will we be able to assist with booking or organizing travel or stay.

How are the panels and panelists decided?                                          

Wattpad HQ creates the programming and makes all decisions on the panelists.

Will there be places for me to relax in-between sessions?                  

If you are staying at the Loews Hollywood Hotel (or close-by), you're welcome to go back up to your hotel room(s) for a bit of downtime in-between sessions. If not, we will have dedicated seating areas for you to use where you can eat, drink, charge your phone or catch-up on emails.

Can I volunteer to help out with WattCon?                                                  

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for WattCon 2022! We are currently fully staffed for WattCon and will not be looking for volunteers from the community at this time. We hope to see you at WattCon!

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