Chapter 13

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Chapter 13

The question that had been on Lyla's mind for such a long time now was the one of why would someone want to turn her into a wolf? The one thing that she never believed in and the one thing that she never thought she could be.

The lunar cycle was going to come to an end and Lyla would have her first transformation on the night of the full moon. This made Lyla scared out of her mind and turning into a wolf was not something that she wanted to happen. But it couldn't be stopped and Lyla hated it.

For the past couple of days, Lyla had been angry and irritable. She took it out on Landon. She didn't mean to. But she also wanted to be close to Landon even when she was angry and irritable. Why did her wolf feel the need to want to contradict herself? Part of her didn't want anything to do with Landon and then the other part of her wanted him close to her. Lyla just didn't get it.

School had also been alright because Lyla had two good friends; Morella and Luka. Even though they were new mates and they were falling in love, they still looked out for Lyla so Nia hadn't been a problem. Of course Lyla always got a death glare from Nia each time they passed in the hallway, she said nothing and both wolves went on their way. Today at school was no different.

And in the meanwhile, Landon was searching for the answer to the same question that had been bothering Lyla ever since she had been bitten. It was time to speak with the turned wolves again. This may have been getting boring and repetitive but it was all Landon could think of, other than his research. But he had a lot to do and intimidating the turned wolves into talking was something that Landon had to do right now.

Landon headed down to the dungeon that was still full of turned wolves. Killing a few was going to happen today because Landon felt pity for them. Almost every cell was stuffed with turned wolves that much they couldn't move. They would be able to feel their breaths on each other's' faces and that would really rev them up, Landon was sure of it.

Turned wolves may have ran in packs every full moon but that didn't mean they got along any other time. They fought. Turned wolves always fought. Landon didn't know the answer but maybe it was to prove their dominance or strength. Werewolves lived like a normal wolf pack in terms of hierarchy and Landon had a feeling that turned wolves did the same thing. So Landon wouldn't be surprised if they were fighting now.

The turned wolves were not fighting when Landon came in, strangely, but he wasn't going to question it. Instead, he stood tall, put on his Alpha voice, and stared the turned wolves down, "such a hard choice I have to make," he said, keeping his gaze firm on the wolves, "but a choice has to be made. And I am sure you all know what that is."

"Stop taunting us, Alpha," said a turned wolf, "and just get it over and done with."

"Get it over and done with? Don't you see that getting it over and done with won't help me? If I am to get answers, torture is needed. Torture that is long and drawn out to make it hurt just that bit more."

The wolves growled at Landon.

"Growl at me all you want but someone is going to die today. More than one of you, perhaps."

The wolves growled again.

"But I suppose I should remind you that there is a way out of this and that is to talk. Tell me what you want with the human," said Landon.

"Why is she so special to you?" asked a female turned wolf.

"Who has the authority to ask questions in here, pup?" Landon snapped. He knew that this wolf was only a teenager when she was bitten, younger than Lyla, so she was a pup in his mind.

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